10 Google searches that marked Quebec in 2022

10 Google searches that marked Quebec in 2022

What were the 10 most popular searches in Quebec this year?

As 2022 is nearing its end, Google unveiled this week the 10 most popular searches in Quebec this year. The opportunity to look back on the events and trends that have marked the last 12 months.  

1) Wordle&nbsp ;

If you haven't heard of Wordle, you're definitely living under a stone, or on another planet altogether. Indeed, “Wordle”, the addictive word game inspired by the American show Lingo, is not only the most Googled word in Quebec in 2022, it also reaches the top of the podium for searches in all countries combined. .  

2) Ukraine 

If it will not surprise anyone, the second most searched word is less to smile about. The war, which began on February 24 with the invasion of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory and which is still continuing, has obviously occupied people's minds. The conflict has in any case attracted the attention of Quebecers and Internet users from all over the world, since it also comes in third place in the international ranking.

3) World Cup 2022 

The FIFA World Cup currently taking place in Qatar is undoubtedly the sporting event of the year. But while fans are happy to be able to support their team in the competition, strong criticism has also been leveled at FIFA and Qatar given the ecological and humanitarian consequences of the event. &nbsp ;

4) Karim Ouellet 

In January 2022, the announcement of the death of Karim Ouellet, found dead in his music studio in Quebec, created a stir across the province. In June, a new shock wave shook Quebecers. The coroner's report revealed that the singer had in fact died since November 2021 from complications of his diabetes which he seemed to no longer be able to manage due to his drug use. A tribute had been paid to him a few days earlier during the Francos with the show Bye Bye Bye Karim.

5) OD Martinique 

After OD Chez Nous and OD West, OD Martinique should especially have marked a return to normal for the reality show Double occupationwho could finally leave the Canadian borders for his 16th season. Except that… The program did not really go as planned and the production had to face the indignation of the spectators who denounced the intimidation experienced by several candidates. The controversy led, among other things, to the exclusion of some participants and the withdrawal of the Finstar Group, which was to offer the condo to the winning couple.

6) Elections Quebec 2022 

You will have noticed that 2022 was a year of provincial elections! At the end of a campaign of a few weeks – not very rich in suspense, let's say it – François Legault was re-elected Premier of Quebec for a second four-year term.

7) Quordle 

If Wordle conquered the world, Quordle conquered Quebec! In any case, the Quebec equivalent of the game has created enough enthusiasm to find itself in the seventh place of the most searched words on Google.

8) Johnny Depp 

From April 11 to June 1, 2022, the entire internet had its eyes riveted on the filmed trial which pitted Johnny Depp against his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard who had accused him of domestic violence and whom he was suing for defamation. At the end of this legal battle which allowed everyone to comment on every trash detail of the case, the actors were both found guilty of defamation. Depp supporters, however, considered the verdict a victory, as Amber Heard was ordered to pay $10 million in damages and he only $2 million in damages

< strong>9) Encanto 

The Disney cartoon Encanto which tells the story of the young Colombian Mirabel Madrigal and her family has been a great success. If you haven't seen him, you've surely heard some of his songs which have been covered millions of times on TikTok this year.

10) Jean-Marc Vallée 

Shortly after Christmas last year, we learned of the sudden death of Quebec director Jean-Marc Vallée who after several successes in Quebec had made a career in Hollywood. The precise cause of his death, however, remained unknown for several months and it was not until April that the coroner issued his report, determining that the 58-year-old filmmaker had succumbed to a heart attack. In June, his film C.R.A.Z.Y., which had moved Quebec and had won 14 Jutra awards, returned to theaters in the United States, more than 15 years after its release. A documentary on the work and life of the director is currently in preparation.

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