10 tips to save your plants from certain death while on vacation

10 tips to save your plants from certain death while on vacation

How not to kill your plants when you go on vacation.

Going on vacation is always fun. Coming home and finding that all of our plants are withered, baked, dead, dried up… okay. And above all, it is avoidable! 


As you can imagine, in the middle of summer, the sinews of war is watering. And to keep your plants thirsty less quickly, you should water them thoroughly before going on vacation.

“An effective technique is to bring all your plants into the bathroom to give them a good shower. We then let the water drain out before putting them back in their place,” advises Laurence Côté, co-owner of the Alma Plantes boutique.

Yes, we don't want them to drown either, so before packing our suitcases, we check that there is no water left in the bottom of the flowerpots and other saucers so that the roots do not rot. .  

… and shade  

Also, when you go on vacation, you keep the plants away from the windows! Finally, not too much either, just enough to prevent them from roasting too much in direct sunlight. Placed out of direct sunlight, your plants are less likely to see their foliage damaged and water will evaporate less quickly from the soil.  

If you're going for a week or less, these precautions should suffice for most plants. And if you're away longer, the following tips should help. 

The plateau technique  

To start, get a tray (we suspected) or a plate, cover it or the balls of clay, add water and place your plants on the wet clay balls . Thanks to the soaked clay balls, the plant will be able to draw water. 

“You can also put the clay balls and water in the saucer of the plant. But, in any case, be careful not to let the plant bathe in water, warns the florist. We don't want to end up with mould.” 

Laurence Côté, co-owner of the Alma Plantes boutique. 

Drop by drop  

The more tech-savvy among us will be happy to know that there are automatic, programmable drip systems that can irrigate many of your plants at once.  

“It's an extra watering, it can't replace a real watering, notes Laurence Côté, however. But it can help keep the soil moist, which is still beneficial.” 

Laurence Côté, co-owner of the Alma Plantes boutique. 

A few bits of string < /h3>

For fans of DIY, there is the homemade version which consists of filling a pot with water, placing strings in the pot and then connecting them to your plants. Each plant will draw the water it needs and will be in great shape when you return from vacation.


Some plants resist heat very well and are rather afraid of being overwatered. This is particularly the case for cacti (logical!), succulents, but also sansevières and faux zamiers aka ZZ plants. 

“We are going to be careful not to water these plants too much because they have very low water needs, explains Laurence Côté. You can water them normally and then leave them without an irrigation system for two weeks or more.” 


The oyas, you know? These small, rounded, porous earthenware containers fill with water and stick into the earth to keep it moist. They are particularly suitable for herbs and other balcony plants, according to our expert.  

The bottle upside down

“Otherwise, you can use Grandma's trick: a water bottle with small holes in it that you plant upside down in the ground, she suggests. Again, it does not replace a watering, but it makes the difference if we went on vacation.” 

Laurence Côté, co-owner of the Alma Plantes boutique. 

The plastic bag effect 

Finally, it is possible to create an individual mini-greenhouse for each plant by covering it with a transparent plastic bag. The water that evaporates will thus be contained by the bag. An effective way to maintain “high humidity and prevent the plant from drying out too quickly”, emphasizes Laurence Côté.  

Call a friend.

Yes, it's a bit of a cheat, but rather than setting up all sorts of systems, you can just ask a.e ready to come and water your plants during your vacation. Once a week is enough and, in exchange, bring him a nice gift from your vacation spot.  

Anyway, “if you go away for three weeks or more in the summer, all the solutions that we have named are becoming obsolete”, admits Laurence Côté.  

You have a devoted plant freak among your friends, Nope?

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