$10 unions? La Noce festival accused of making fun of marriage

$10 unions? La Noce festival accused of making fun of marriage

A petition circulating on social networks calls for the cancellation of the La Noce music festival in Saguenay. The event, where you can get married for the modest sum of $10, has been criticized for “mocking the sacred concept of marriage”.

It has now been five years since this festival, co-founded by the he singer-songwriter from Chicoutimi Philippe Brach exists. It is unique in its kind since, as its name suggests, it celebrates “fake weddings for 10 piasses; staged and animated by crazy creators”.

However, this does not at all please Paul-André Boucher, instigator of the petition “All against the Noce de wax festival in Saguenay” asking for “a formal closure of the holding of the event at La Pulperie”.

Mr. Boucher and the twenty signatories deplore a “desecration of the sacred concept of marriage”. According to them, the organizers of La Noce “use marriage and Catholic concepts that have built our heritage to fill their pockets”.

In addition, opponents of the festival believe that it promotes “satanic images” since La Noce, which celebrates its “wax wedding” this year, will take place under the theme of black magic and esotericism.

The petition launched three weeks ago will be presented to representatives of the City of Saguenay on June 29th.

Internet users laugh about it

The vast majority of comments left under the online petition, however, defend the holding of the La Noce festival , ironically or not.

“I would never have believed that there were still religious fanatics in Quebec in 2022 after what the church has made people endure over the past centuries!”, Writes a surfer.

“Can we also make a petition against the Hôtel-Dieu? God is never there and it's not even a hotel! Sincerely, Greenpeace and the Intellectuals,” adds another person derisively.

Even the singer Lydia Képinski, who is part of the programming of La Noce this year, puts her two cents in it by sarcastically calling “the organizers of this masquerade” “heretics” and “deceivers unequivocally who hate culture and the sacred.”

The La Noce festival, to be held from June 30 to July 2, will welcome other local artists such as Daniel Bélanger, Sarahmée, Men I Trust and Hubert Lenoir.

Contacted by Métro, the organizers did not wish to react. “We want the rest to happen positively and happily,” it says.

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