10 years later, a new student demonstration in Montreal

10 years later, a new student demonstration in Montreal

Several demonstrators gathered at Place du Canada to demonstrate for free education on Tuesday afternoon.

Ten years later after the historic demonstration of March 22, 2022, held during the famous “maple spring”, several student associations have taken up the torch of the fight for free education. A dozen college and university student associations invited their members to a demonstration held Tuesday afternoon in downtown Montreal to demand free education at all levels of education, from elementary school to university.

“Although this drastic increase has been blocked, with indexation, access to university benches is still more and more expensive,” argue the instigators of the “wide demonstration” on the Facebook page of the ;event. “It now costs $4,310 annually. While this amount was $2,506 in 2006, it has since experienced an annual increase of $111, an amount beyond the general price increase and greater than the growth of the average income in Quebec.”


It’esr Jaouad Laaroussi, a former student involved in the 2012 protests, who addressed the bustling crowd first. “There are thousands of us on the streets demonstrating today,” he said.

Other demands are also on the table: internship compensation and group insurance protection. Indeed, several associations are afraid of losing access to student insurance (dental, psychology service, financial aid program) while the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) is questioning certain rights vis-à-vis the student contribution.

The general student association of the Cégep du Vieux Montréal (AGECVM), the student faculty association of political science and law of UQAM (AFESPED-UQAM), the student faculty association of human sciences of UQAM and the Student Association in Anthropology of the University of Montreal are among the associations that walked out for the demonstration on free education.

More details to come.

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