12 phrases that perfectly sum up 2022

12 expressions that perfectly sums up 2022

Lovers of the French language and social issues? Let's see if you can recognize this list of 12 representative terms of 2022 established by the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF). Hint: Jimmy's “Fouf fouf fouf” from Occupation Double is fortunately not one of them!

The past year has been marked, among other things, by economic issues such as inflation and the worsening labor shortage. In the political sphere, there have been elections and the polarization between wokesand more conservative people has steadily increased. Technology has continued to take an important place in our lives for better and often for worse… Our mental health has taken a hit and we are simultaneously becoming more aware of the need to take care of ourselves. 

These are the realities that allowed the OQLF to determine the 12 words that best describe 2022. 

Here they are, with their definition: 

Autotest: Test which allows the person to carry out the sampling and the interpretation of the results themselves, and which is intended to provide information on a physiological or pathological state. 

Remember the number of small rods you had to insert yourself up your nose last winter (and again this fall and right before your office party). 

Right to disconnect: Right given to a worker to refuse to remain contactable by means of electronic devices outside his working hours. 

Emails or Teams messages after 5 p.m., now it's no! 

Human capital: Capital made up of the knowledge, skills and competencies of individuals that help determine the productive capacity of a society.  

In the context of a labor shortage, business leaders keep repeating that their company's primary wealth is its human capital. 

< p>Reduflation: Undersizing of a consumer good by its manufacturer, without a reduction in the selling price. 

Look carefully: when the price does not rise, it is the quantity that decreases! Examples: the container of orange juice which goes from 2 to 1.5 liters, the roll of toilet paper which loses ten squares.  

Conscious: Qualifies a person who considers the medium and long-term consequences of his actions as a priority element when making a decision. 

The Earth is dying, every gesture counts: now, we know! 

Discreet disengagement: Process by which an employee makes the decision to invest less in his work and to fulfill his tasks and duties. responsibilities by meeting only the minimum requirements of his position. 

In English we speak of Quiet Quitting… are you one of those concerned? 

Multiparty system: Partisan system characterized by the presence of more than two parties with significant political weight. 

So if we don't vote for the CAQ, who do we vote for? This year there were several opponents at roughly the same level.  

Parliamentary Monarchy: A constitutional monarchy in which legislative powers are vested in Parliament. < /p>

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has reignited the debate on the influence and power of royalty in Canada… and particularly in Quebec. 

Economic Sanction: Coercive Measure of a commercial or financial nature, adopted by a State or a group of States, generally with the aim of compelling another to respect commitments or to cease acts deemed reprehensible. 

In attacking Ukraine, Russia had better have a deep wallet to pay for the multiple sanctions imposed on it. 

Echo Chamber: Network of people formed around a common vision, where people are exposed to opinions that are similar to their own. 

“How did Québec Solidaire not win the elections? Looks like everyone was voting for them on my Facebook. » 

Digital sobriety: An approach that aims for a wise and sober use of digital technologies with the aim of reducing their environmental impact. 

Even emailing is polluting. For real. 

Body Positivity: Social movement advocating self-acceptance and body diversity and encouraging the questioning of the ideal of beauty conveyed in society as well as adopting a positive attitude towards the body. 

Models on Instagram are not going to dictate who has a good body or not. < /p>

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