15 local gift ideas for the Ricardo in your gang

15 local gift ideas for the Ricardo in your gang

Gift guide to the latest foodie trends.

Do you have someone in your group of friends who is always looking for the latest (and “greatest”) foodie trend? This gift guide will help you fill his hollow with good things! 

Hot sauces  

Not afraid to burn your taste buds? La Sauce, a young Montreal company, offers you a few varieties of pepper sauce. The most courageous will enjoy La Habasco, which is the most spicy of the troupe. For the less accustomed, opt for the Jalapeno & Dill, which tastes like dill pickle chips.

15 local gift ideas for the Ricardo of your gang

Courtesy, La Sauce

15 idea ;es local gifts for the Ricardo in your gang

Courtesy, The Sauce

Price: $15 per sauce.

Website:  https://lasaucemtl.com/ 

New Kind Fondue Kit  

The Quebec company Fondussimo has created the fondue set that will allow you to never lose your food in the broth again thanks to small individual baskets. A beautiful Quebec invention that is still just as user-friendly since it can bring together a group of up to six people.  

15 local gift-ideas for the Ricardo of your gang

Courtesy , Fondussimo

Price: $174.99

Website : https://fondussimo.com/

Spreads and chocolate 

Sweet tooth? Offer La Lichée! The company makes ultra-gourmet caramel spreads: fleur de sel, chocolate, maple, butter, chocolate coffee and crème de menthe… If you don't know what to choose, we recommend the caramel gift box which allows you to discover the three most classic and delicious flavors of the brand.

15 local-gift-ideas-for-your-gang's Ricardo

Courtesy, La Lichée

Price: $30 

< p class="has-text-align-center">Website: https://lalichee.co/  

< /p>

Syrups for coffee 

Because there are not only cocktails in life, Monsieur Cocktail presents a novelty this year: a range of syrups for coffee! A subtle way to add a special touch of salted caramel, vanilla, natural pumpkin spice or hazelnut to your latte. Of course, the four syrups can also bring a sweet touch to an alcoholic creation. 

15 idea ;es local gifts for the Ricardo in your gang

Courtesy, Mister Cocktail

Price:< /strong>$10.95 per syrup and $39.95 for the set of four. 

Website: https://www.monsieur-cocktail.com/

Caffeinated workshops 

Café Saint-Henri in Montreal offers four courses around coffee: “From the coffee cherry to the cup” (with tasting), making your espresso at home, introduction to latte art and introduction to manual filters. Something to satisfy barista apprentices!  

15 local gift ideas for the Ricardo of your gang

Courtesy, Café Saint-Henri

Price: $109.23 for the gift card that gives access to a class. 

Website: https://sainthenri.ca/ 

Everything for the BBQ 

For your barbecue fanatic friend, this is where it happens! BBQ Québec offers six gift sets of accessories to perfect your grilling skills. These sets are suitable for different levels of expertise and passion. We therefore find the Discovery, Beginner, Fanatic, Epicurean boxes, and another which contains the brand's BBQ sauces.  

15 local-gift-ideas-for-your-gang's-ricardo< /p>Courtesy, BBQ Quebec

Price: Between $16.99 and $82.97 per box.  

Website: https://bbqquebec.com/ 

Oyster set 

Tis the season oysters and it's time to offer pro equipment! The kitRicardo Oyster Slicer will make shellfish cutting easy and safe. Among the set are an oyster holder that also acts as a finger guard, a knife, four forks, two ramekins and a guide with tips and recipes.   

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Courtesy, Ricardo

Price: $39.99 

Website: https://boutique.ricardocuisine.com/fr/

A kombucha to make yourself 

Fermentation is fashionable and this turnkey kit for beginners allows you to brew your first homemade kombucha. The tea and mother kombucha included in the kit can produce no less than 32 bottles of kombucha.  

15 id&eacute ;es local gifts for the Ricardo in your gang

Courtesy, Fermentation Revolution

Price:< /strong> Complete kit $57.00 – 3 options available.

Website: https://shop.revolutionfermentation.ca/

< strong>Gin queb' 

Three Quebec gins from Distillerie 3 Lacs in the same package for your festive cocktails? It's a yes! Of the three flavors – lemon and sunflower, grapefruit and rosemary and lime and basil – allow you to vary the pleasure and may inspire the creation of original cocktails.  

15 local-gift-ideas-for-your-gang's-ricardo

Courtesy, SAQ

Price:$43.75 for the set.  

Website: https://www.saq.com /

Not flat balsamic vinegars 

There is not only one flavor of balsamic vinegar and the Surette Condiment company offers a whole range of them. Among our favourites: apples and maple, aged cider or even cider and maple. Something to add a je ne sais quoi to every meal! 

15 id&eacute ;es local gifts for the Ricardo in your gang

Courtesy, Sour Condiments

Price:< /strong> Between $11 and $25 a bottle. 

Website: https://surettecondiments.com/ 

Cassis de Monna & Girls 

Among the many delicacies offered by the Cassis Monna & Filles located on Île d’Orléans, we find a tasty onion confit with blackcurrant. It wonderfully enhances savory dishes, goes very well with a good cheese or is simply eaten on a slice of bread.  

15 idea ;es local gifts for the Ricardo in your gang

Courtesy, Cassis Monna & Girls

Price: $12

Website: https://www.cassismonna.com/en/ 

A personalized candy bucket 

For foodies who have never lost their inner child, can you imagine a better gift than a bucket of sweets? Not sure. That of Kandju can be fully personalized and even delivered to your home. The brand offers a wide choice, including gelatin-free, sugar-free and gluten-free candies.  


Courtesy,&nbsp ;KandJu

Price: The 2.27 kg bucket is $31.99. 

Website: https://kandju.com/fr

A Spice Affair spice blends 

Any self-respecting cook knows that quality spices make all the difference! That's good, that's what the Montreal brand A Spice Affair offers, all the spices of which are carefully selected and mixed here. To start on a solid foundation, we recommend the set of nine jars, the “kitchen essentials”, which includes, among other things, what to add flavor to a guacamole, a vegan seasoning that tastes like bacon, a mix for dip and seasoning for salmon.  

15 Local Gift Ideas for Your Gang's Ricardo

Courtesy, A Spice Affair

Price: 9 essential jars with stand: $99 (discount due to Black Friday). 

Website: https://aspiceaffair.com/fr 

Herbs all year round< /strong> 

With this Novagrow as a gift, your loved foodiewill be able to have a mini garden in his kitchen and thus grow greenery and fresh herbs all year round. Basil, chives, coriander, radish sprouts… three to six varieties can cohabit at the same time depending on the overall choice.  

15 Local Gift Ideas for Your Gang's Ricardo

Courtesy, Novagrow

Price:The Novagrow 3 simple set is $174 (discount due to Black Friday). 

Website: https://novagrow.io/en/ 

Ernestine Chocolates 

Take advantage of the festive season to discover these fine and colorful chocolates made in Montreal in an artisanal way. A gift that will undoubtedly please chocolate fans! In addition, there is something for everyone: Baileys coffee (alcoholic), lime tart, whiskey caramel, raspberry puffy, vanilla mango etc.  

15 local gift-ideas for your gang's Ricardo

Courtesy, Ernestine

Price: The box of 12 chocolates is $26.40. 

Website: https://www.ernestine.ca/ 

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