16% of Justin Trudeau's promises already fulfilled

16% of promises of Justin Trudeau already kept

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau

Since the election campaign last fall, Justin Trudeau has already fulfilled in whole or in part 16% of his promises. This is revealed by the Polimètre Trudeau 3.0 launched on Tuesday by the Center for Public Policy Analysis (CAPP) and the Leadership Chair in Digital Social Science Teaching (CLESSN) at Laval University.

This rate is lower than in his first term, but higher than in his second at this stage of the legislature. However, the research assistant for the Polimeter and doctoral student in political science at the University of Toronto Alexandre Fortier-Chouinard recalls that several international and national crises were invited in the first months of Mr. Trudeau's second term. “There was the plane crash in Iran, after there was the crisis of the Wet’suwet’en who were blocking railroads. Once these two crises were resolved, we had the pandemic which arrived and which marked the rest of the mandate.”

Mr. Fortier-Chouinard also expects Justin Trudeau's third term to live up to his promises more than his second. “Thanks to the March 2022 agreement between the Liberal government and the NDP, but also because of the unpopularity of the government's calling of the last election, this minority government could be more stable and durable than the This would raise the prospect of a better record than Trudeau 2.0, a minority government that lasted less than 2 years and broke 48% of its promises, he says. […] On the other hand, galloping inflation, the war in Ukraine and its impact on NATO as well as the potential for a 7th wave of COVID-19 could encourage this government to review certain priorities.”

A record number of pledges

The Polimeter team also maintains that it has identified a total of 578 pledges from of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) platform and press releases issued by the party during the election campaign. This is a significant increase from the 353 pledges made during Team Trudeau's first campaign in 2015 and the 343 pledges in 2019.

“[In 2015 and 2019], this was a fairly high number compared to the last version of the Harper government. This time, there are a lot of promises related to minorities and the environment”, specifies the doctoral student in political science.

The results and detailed information on the methodology of the Polimeter are accessible at https://www.polimetre.org/fr.

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