2021, the dizzying year of Cœur de pirate

2021, l & rsquo; ann & eacute ; e dizzying C & oelig; ur de pirate

Cœur de pirate

To say that Béatrice Martin – better known by her artist name Coeur de Pirate – was employed in 2021 is an understatement. Takeover of the Dare To Care record company, which has become Bravo Musique, launch of not one, but two albums ( Perséides and Impossible àaimer ), operation on the vocal cords, announcement pregnancy, European tour & # 8230; We take a look back at this prolific year with him.

What is your look at your year 2021?

When I am reminded of everything that has happened in the year, I always feel a little dizzy. I didn't really see it all go by, I got carried away a bit by the events. Looking back, I wouldn't have done it any other way. Even though it took place under some pretty complex circumstances, I tried to make it good. I'm just happy to have been super supported in all my projects by my team and the public. I couldn't have asked for better.

Of all the great things that happened to you in 2021, is there any event of special significance to you?

When it was finally made official that I was buying Dare To Care, it was a conclusion to long months of uncertainty for many people. It's always like that an acquisition, it's never very … linear! ( Laughs ) It takes time. Today we're moving forward with that and honestly I was just happy to be able to help. & Nbsp;

You are often asked how you juggle your new managerial responsibilities in addition to pursuing your career as a singer-songwriter. Looking back, have you found a winning formula?

I really have three-four full-time jobs right now! I am artistic director of Bravo Musique in addition to being president. In my role as a manager, I have to make a lot of executive decisions. But it's really the fun , I learn every day. It's true that it's a lot to juggle, but again, I have a super competent team that helps me a lot. How lucky she is!

I have an end-of-year review meeting earlier, I participate in CA meetings… This are things I never thought I would do in my life!

Béatrice Martin, alias Cœur de pirate

How do the many hats you wear influence your way of doing things both as an artist and as a manager?

My role as an artist has a lot to do with my role as a manager. It gives me another perspective on the industry, the undersides of which I am discovering. I find myself very lucky to have access to the different facets of my community. My experience for several years as a singer-songwriter helps me in my thinking so that the contracts are more advantageous for the artists… We already had a business model the fun , there I try to make it even more artist-centric. Its important to me.

You recently expressed your desire to step aside a bit in order to show off new talents. Which ones to watch for in 2022?

They are all to watch! ( Laughs ) At Bravo, we have a lot of artists who are starting to really make themselves known. I find it important to give them the tools they need to be successful. They have to create, this is their job . We provide the structure around it. So, in our upcoming releases, there is Naomi, Thai, Mon Doux Saigneur, and among the recent releases, there is among others Lou-Adriane Cassidy.

You have concluded this eventful year with a European tour. How did you experience coming back on stage after such a long break?

It was really special. I was very careful, I was wearing a mask outside! It was something, but we did what we can. Even though they were wearing masks, we felt that the spectators were happy to be back in the hall.

What do we want you for 2022?

Uh… my God! May the world get better, for real! ( Laughs ) I know this is a big request, but for the artists, for me, for everyone… We need to find a sense of normalcy. I don't know if that will happen, but I'm counting on it a lot.

A Pirate Heart show is scheduled for March 25 at Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church in Montreal .

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