$25 mega-concert tickets

Mega-concert tickets at ; $25

It’s “concert week” at Live Nation, a company that organizes and promotes shows. Starting today, May 4, and until May 10, it is possible to buy concert tickets for only $25.

This promotion represents a great opportunity to see major shows in large halls for a much lower price than the one normally advertised.

Avril Lavigne, ZZ Top, Booba, Russ, Modest Mouse, Pitbull, Metric, Rod Stewart and many others will be coming to Montreal, Laval or Quebec in the coming days and months. Their shows are all offered at $25.

And the tickets offered at this price are not miles away from the stage, in the performers’s blind spot. Some of them are in the front rows.

The opportunity to hit the road

The “concert week” is not limited to Quebec. In total, tickets to over 3,700 shows in North America are on sale for $25 this week.

If you're planning a road trip soon, you might take the opportunity to catch shows by the Backstreet Boys, Wu-Tang Clan, Florence + The Machine and many more all over the continent and, yes, always $25.

Live Nation's “Concert week
May 4-10, 2022
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