25 years after the ice storm: testimonies of a disaster

25 years after the ice storm: testimonies of a disaster

Snow and ice removal following the ice storm, January 20, 1998.

Facebook and TikTok may not have existed in 1998, but with the 25th anniversary of the ice storm marked this week, many Internet users are sharing their memories of this chaotic weather event that shook part of Quebec. 

Not that bad 

Some have fond memories of the event, like this netizen who claims to have eaten 'the best food' his mother cooked on the wood stove. 

There is also the impersonator of Elvis – Scotty Davis – who remembers the tour aboard the Show Business TVA bus with several artists such as Danielle Ouimet, Mitsou, Michel Rivard, Jim Corcoran, Anthony Kavanagh and Sylvain Cossette. The goal? “Comforting disaster victims and families who have spent more than 35 days sleeping on mattresses on the floor in gyms.” 

In humor 

As for humorous testimonials, you can listen to Jean-Marc Parent's memorable stand-up on this event.

Without being a comedian, journalist-presenter Brigitte Bougie remembers his funny interview with the spokesperson for Hydro-Québec, a certain Mrs. Lalumière! Indeed, it cannot be invented. 

And here is an excerpt from Bye Bye from 1998 with Daniel Lemire as a spokesperson for Hydro-Québec:

< strong>The ice storm in photos

Do you want to see the ice storm in photos? The Archives of the City of Montreal offer an album containing 55 photos of this natural disaster which was one of the costliest in the history of the country.

(Click on the photo below to see them all.)

25 years after the ice storm: testimonies of a catastrophe

They are not the only ones, here is another album created by photographer François Rodrigue. 

25 years after the ice-cream crisis: testimonials from a disaster  

Some beautiful rather poetic photos are also available on Instagram. 

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Ice ice on video

Citizens also immortalized this historic moment with their video cameras. One of them, particularly motivated, posted a five-minute video montage on Facebook presenting the daily life of his family in a house in Verdun, a video accompanied by a rather… cheerful musical tune. 

Still on video, but this time in a more disturbing tone, a Laval resident presents us with images of the lights caused by the transformers which “jumped all around” them. 

< strong>Mutual assistance and D  system

Others, far from the disaster, have pitched in to help those affected. This is particularly the case of inhabitants of the village of Petit-Rocher participating in a corvée to send firewood to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

A man also remembers his mother's death two days before the ice storm caused the funeral home to be lit by candlelight at times. 

< strong>The ice storm in fiction

Do you want to remember the 1998 ice storm through fiction? Métro strongly suggests that you read the children's thriller Reservoirs of the abyss by Stéphane Choquette. We follow a 14-year-old teenager confined to his house with his sick grandmother. All the neighbors have deserted the neighborhood and disturbing events are multiplying: thefts of generators, disappearances of animals and kidnappings of children.

25 years after the ice storm: testimonies of a catastrophe

Even though the Titan collection is aimed at teenagers, Tanks of the Abyss can appeal to everyone. The suspense is effective and the characters are believable. Finally, putting this story in the context of the ice storm is a damn good idea.

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