3 bespoke beers for the Holidays

3 bi & egrave; res on measure for the holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and, while wine and bubbles are in the spotlight, beer lovers are not left out. To celebrate a & nbsp; tite & nbsp; fret & nbsp; by hand, the & nbsp; Bièrologue & nbsp; has selected three dark beers, sweet or spicy & nbsp; perfect for the season. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Moka Lisa

3 beers made to measure for F & ecirc; tes

Dessert stout, 6% & nbsp; alcohol, Brasserie & nbsp; Lobeva & nbsp;

” The & nbsp; Moka Lisa is a & nbsp; well balanced stout, as greedy as a dessert. & nbsp; With its aromas of coffee (from roasted malt) and chocolate, it brings the comfort of a good mocha, the freshness and more ! “& Nbsp;

To be enjoyed with & nbsp; ice cream & nbsp; (vanilla or pistachio), & nbsp; a walnut cake or & nbsp; red berry dessert. & Nbsp;

Christmas reserve & nbsp; Grande cuvée & nbsp;

 3 bespoke beers for the Holidays

Red Lager & nbsp; with spices, 10.5% & nbsp; alcohol, Brasserie & nbsp; Les Trois Mousquetaires & nbsp;

“This warm and red lager is & nbsp; a real holiday staple! & Nbsp; Its strong flavors & nbsp; of spiced bread, vanilla, balsam fir and berry fruit & nbsp; we & nbsp; take us straight back to our Christmases of yesteryear. & nbsp; To be served in a stemmed glass or & nbsp; a & nbsp; whiskey & nbsp; »& nbsp;

To be enjoyed & nbsp;

To be enjoyed & nbsp; & nbsp; Holiday dishes & nbsp; for a sweet and savory effect with finesse. & nbsp; It goes well with pies, game, foie gras and creamy cheeses. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Choco-Mint Blast & nbsp;

 3 bespoke beers for the Holidays

Perfumed stout, 6% alcohol, Microbrasserie Moulin 7

“This is creative beer season! & nbsp; And this stout is the perfect example.” Relatively sweet, it offers flavors of chocolate and coffee on the palate, with mint on the finish, and doubled with a slight bitterness. Its 950 & nbsp; ml & nbsp; size makes it an ideal beer to share. again with a peanut butter bagel. Ontario East. & Nbsp;

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