3 gourmet addresses that are waking up the Village

3 gourmet addresses that wake up ;watch the Village

Tuesday Snack-Bar, Blonde Biscuiterie and MINERAL Bar

It's the perfect time to head to the corner of rue Sainte-Catherine, which is pedestrianized for the summer . But, who says walk says culinary stops (at least, in our case). Here are 3 gourmet addresses in the Village where you can stop to enjoy the summer atmosphere, while enjoying yourself.

The Tuesday Snack-Bar

This café-bar, open since November 2021, allows you to enjoy a drink or a snack in a relaxed atmosphere. The large windows provide beautiful light and a privileged view of the action on Sainte-Catherine Street.

3 gourmet addresses that wake up the Village

Courtesy of Tuesday Snack-Bar


The place uses MushUp coffee, which is a coffee infused with medicinal mushrooms. Don't worry, it all tastes like coffee, but consuming your espresso or macchiato here can bring you physical benefits, such as speeding up the body's recovery after physical activity.


As for the refreshment bar, several natural wines are offered, to be consumed on the spot or to buy for later. A new summer cocktail captivates attention: the café tonic with Spritz Les îles, Grand Marnier, tonic, squeezed orange and shotof espresso, served with ice. It is a surprisingly non-bitter cocktail, refreshing and energizing at the same time, to be consumed on the small front terrace of the café-bar. You can accompany it with cold cuts and cheese platters, or even the veggie-pâté and cheese platter.

3 Gourmet addresses that wake up the Village

The tonic coffee/Courtesy of the Tuesday Snack-Bar

Blonde Biscuiterie 

To sweeten your mouth, this biscuit factory is a place of choice, not only for the taste experience, but also for the decor. The pastel pink walls and colorful neon lights are invigorating, almost as much as the cookies offered.

3 gourmet addresses that wake-up the Village

Courtesy ofBlonde Biscuiterie

Unique flavor cookies 

You can choose from a variety of cookies with original flavours: cotton candy, blueberry cheesecake, pina colada or even funkaroo. Chocolate fanatics are also served with flavors such as Nutella, S’mores, Smarties and Reese, not to mention cookie dough ice cream.

3 gourmet addresses that wake-up the Village

Courtesy ofBlonde Biscuiterie

Frozen dessert  

To cool off, one can enjoy one of the refreshing desserts offered, such as a cookie dough ice cream cookie topped with a homemade vanilla ice cream icing and, as a finishing touch (because it there's never too much sugar), raw cookie dough. To hydrate, you can also order a cold drink such as an Oreo mocha shake, an iced chocolate chip cookie latte or an iced raspberry and vanilla latte.

3 Gourmet addresses that wake up the Village

Courtesy ofBlonde Biscuiterie


This neighborhood bar, open since 2020, offers you come and have a great time in a festive and bewitching atmosphere. The place specializes in the importation of natural and organic wines and welcomes you in lighting that changes during the day, depending on the mood. In summer, head to their pleasant terrace.

3 gourmet addresses that wake-up the Village

Courtesy of MINERAL Bar

Orange Wine and Ceasar Mineral 

Among the wide selection of juices to taste is Vin Nouveau L'Orange, an Ontario wine with a grapefruit and apricot taste. Let yourself be tempted by their homemade version of the Bloody Caesar, the Caesar Minéral: vodka, secret recipe, Clamato and lime salt. Note that there is food to eat on site to accompany your aperitif, such as seafood, tapas and cold cuts.

3 gourmet addresses that wake-up the Village< /p>

3 addresses waking up the Village

Courtesy of Bar MINÉRAL

Golden Hours, DJs and wine tasting events

Daily between 4pm and 8pm, you can drink a selection of $5 beers as part of Golden Hour. On weekends, various DJs set the mood. The bar also hosts occasional wine tastings; all the details can be found on his Facebook page. Health!

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