3 solid local eye contour treatments

3 solid eye-contour-care local eyes

CHRONICLE – If there is one area that betrays a shortened night (and our age), it's the eye area. Dark circles, puffiness, sloes… A look at effective Quebec creams and serums to overcome them.

Jouviance – Eye Lift Anti-Aging Serum

3 solid local eye-care

Photo Courtesy Jouviance

Are your pockets swelling and your wrinkles are visibly deepening? Jouviance has launched this powerful decongestant and anti-aging ally for you. Packed with natural quinoa peptides and honey locust seed sugar, its tightening and refreshing effect is undeniable. A few weeks of day and night application – without even adding anti-aging cream on top – made it possible to visibly deflate the underside of our eyes, smoothing our valley of tears that had formed under the weight of our thirty-year-old micro pockets. Still impressive for a treatment under $60! As a bonus, when we have frowned too much during our long days in front of the computer, we apply it on the wrinkle between the eyebrows to smooth it in turn.

59$ – Available online and most pharmacies

OMY Laboratoires – Multi-action eye contour cream

3 solid local-eye care

Photo courtesy OMY Laboratories

Are your dark circles as dark as December 21 (the shortest day of the year) at 4 p.m.? It is this cream that must be integrated into your routine. It is notably loaded with horse chestnut extract which helps to illuminate the eyes by stimulating blood circulation. Its formula is also enriched with the favorite moisturizing ingredient, hyaluronic acid, peptides and quinoa extract which smooth the skin and therefore reduce the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness. In addition to its multiple action, we particularly fell for its light and silky texture, which provides an instant feeling of hydration.

$54.99 – Available online and in some beauty salons

Reversa – Retin[A]list

3 solid local eye-care

Photo taken from Reversa Canada's Facebook page

I have the misfortune to tell you (or tell you again) that we only get softer as we get older. (Sorry!) Yes, even and probably especially the fragile skin around the eyes. This local treatment should, however, help you firm everything up, also erasing certain fine lines and wrinkles. And that's thanks to its complex enriched with 0.05% pure encapsulated retinol (the anti-aging ingredient that conquered all the beautitas), niacinamide, and fragmented hyaluronic acid. The 15ml bottle delivered on its anti-aging promises, without irritating the skin, reducing the appearance of our crow's feet.

$52 – Available online and in most pharmacies

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