3 warning signs of parental burnout

3 warning signs -runners of a parental burn-out

Solo mothers, as we know, have no one to turn to on a daily basis to offer them support in the lot of responsibilities that come with having to raise children alone. They are therefore more prone to parental burn-out than the others. How to recognize the first signs of parental burnout? We discussed it with Stéphanie Houle, psychosocial worker with families for a dozen years, and creator of Bubbles and Pirouettes.

Three main symptoms are similar to parental burnout. The first being intense fatigue. “It becomes difficult to assess this symptom when you are a single mom because fatigue is a bit normal. Is it the context or the burn-out?»

This is where you need to assess whether there are other symptoms associated with it, the second being affective disengagement. “We then realize that we no longer have the taste for doing certain things that we used to do like playing with our child, or being interested in how their day went, for example. I make supper, I take them to school, I do what I have to, but at the emotional level I invest myself less and less,” she explains.

This symptom is associated with a lack of interest in the emotions that our child experiences. “We do not want to accompany them in their crises. They are left to sort themselves out and calm themselves down. The lack of support and kindness is an alarm signal. Often, moms will find themselves having reactions that go against their usual values. That's often when they realize that something isn't normal inside them,” continues Stéphanie Houle.

Raise your hand to your child, be constantly impatient or exhausted nerves in front of him, no longer recognizing ourselves in our way of intervening, are signs that something is wrong.

A mother who is not well will present these three symptoms and will be different from the mother she was before.

Stéphanie Houle

Finally, the third symptom of parental burnout is is to feel like you're not a good mother. “We don't feel good, we have the impression that in the end motherhood is not for us, that we are not made for this role of mom there, that we are just not a good mom. »

For these three symptoms to be signs of parental burnout, on the other hand, their appearance must make a difference between the mother we were before and the one we have become. . If we were never the type to play on the floor with our children, not wanting to do so does not show a change.

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