30 second ads for watching YouTube on TV

30 second ads for watching YouTube on TV

These 30 second ads are for TV viewing only.

While YouTube aims to replace television, the viewing platform has just taken a step in this direction. The American company will introduce uninterrupted 30-second commercials when watching content on a TV.

The news was revealed during the YouTube Brandcast event. The streaming giant on the internet has announced that these non-breaking ads will replace the two consecutive 15-second ads usually broadcast on YouTube. This will especially concern the most popular content.

These 30-second uninterrupted ads would be available to advertisers through the YouTube Select advertising platform.

A new feature called “Pause Experiences” is also in the testing phase. The principle? Whenever a user pauses a video while watching YouTube content on their TV, an advertisement will appear.

It is not yet known when these changes will take effect. This announcement follows another revelation from YouTube last week. The company is reportedly testing a new feature to block access to the platform for users using ad blockers.

30-second-ads for watching YouTube on TV< /p>Users seem to have already received a message prohibiting them from accessing the platform due to an ad blocker.

“More and more YouTube users are turning to the biggest screen in the home to watch content. Viewers, especially younger ones, no longer distinguish between the type of content they are consuming. When they turn on their television, they want to find everything they like in one place,” said YouTube CEO Neal Mohan, confirming a little more the growing place occupied by Google alone in the audiovisual landscape. .

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