3,000 new social and affordable housing units in Quebec

3000 new housing social and affordable housing in Quebec

Andrée Laforest, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

As anxiety reigns a few hours before July 1, the CAQ presents a plan that will allow it to to add 3,000 social and affordable housing units in Quebec. Both on the political and community side, the party has recently been accused of doing too little in support of tenants.

The announcement aims to resolve the “delays of the past”, explained the Minister of Housing, Andrée Laforest. With three partners, Desjardins, the Solidarity Fund (FTQ) and Fondaction, the Legault administration will invest $395 million.

Concretely, 2000 units will be available within three years. The other units will be ready within five years, and located in condominiums. The place where the accommodations in question will be located is still not known. “There will be some across Quebec,” said Minister Laforest.

“It's important for us to respect vacancy rates and to go where there is the most urgent need,” she continued. According to various community stakeholders, the housing crisis is affecting the big cities, but now affects the regions more.

Crying needs

Despite the uncertainty weighing on several households in the short term, Minister Laforest defended herself from acting “too much little too late”, announcing units that will only be ready in years.

As soon as it came to power, the CAQ pledged to continue building 15,000 affordable housing units, about half of which have been built so far. She also promised 500 more.

In Quebec, 37,000 households are on a waiting list to access social housing. Among them, 1,100 are in downtown Montreal, including 400 families, according to the Ville-Marie Housing Committee. In Montreal, the construction of 6,000 units is currently blocked due to administrative problems between Ottawa and Quebec.

More than 80 households have still not found housing for Friday in Montreal.

Election issue

A few months before the provincial elections, the opposition parties are beginning to target housing as a focal point. The Liberals also announced their plan on Wednesday, if they were to be elected.

Like Québec solidaire, the party is now proposing the construction of 50,000 new units. We also want to increase the access to property plan (RAP) by raising the ceiling to $50,000, $15,000 more than currently.

“The housing crisis was predictable, and this, for a second consecutive year,” laments the housing representative within the Liberal Party of Quebec, Marie-Claude Nichols.

The Liberals also want to eliminate the welcome tax on the purchase of a first property, while compensating the municipalities. Another promise concerns the supervision of purchases and resales. A policy would be put in place to limit them.

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