4 original ideas to properly ventilate your class

4 idé are original to adequately ventilate your class

Caroline Décoste and Mathieu Charlebois behind the column Will you finish?

CHRONICLE – Are the classes in Quebec well ventilated? According to the Minister of Education, and it is quoted: Yes. All you have to do is open the windows. And the only good reason to open a first-floor window in January is to let an incompetent minister pass through.  

As if they were sending their children to a grade school, parents have received a message asking them to dress their offspring warmly, so that they do not get sick because we try to prevent them from getting sick . (Don't forget the wooden spoon for the epileptic student, given the load shedding, it's not the hospital that will take care of his next seizure.) 

Are you a teacher and struggling with ventilation problems? Are you a parent called in as backup and are you looking for ways to occupy your pupils without showing that you have no idea what you are doing? We have solutions! 

1. Have the children run to create a draft 

Expend the energy of your ADHD students who lack specialized tracking by having them run in circles to create a mass of moving air. Not only do you get peace, but you also fill the gap in psychoeducation services and you can introduce your students to meteorology. 

4 original-ideas-to-adequately-ventilate-your-class

2. Make Paper Fans 

Fine motor skills are a skill to work on in the classroom. Rather than cutting out snowflakes, let's teach children a really useful skill: how to fold the drafts of a speech by Jean-François Roberge to make fans. And when these are crumpled and cramped like the vision of the Ministry of Education, it will suffice to send them all to recycling.  

3. Breathe one nostril at a time 

How to halve the risk of infection? By breathing one nostril at a time. Should yienque y think! And if you teach in kindergarten, part of your class already has a finger in the nostril. You might as well see the positive in it. 

4. Tearing down the exterior wall 

Opening the window is a damn lazy solution, invented by a minister who always does business halfway. Don't just open the  ;window: Tear it off! Oh, no. Crushing the wall with plastic chairs, metal desks and the energy of despair while shouting “M’A EN DO, MOÉ, VENTILATION.”   

Worst case scenario, if none of this works to keep your students safe, you can always teach them the 'apnea. The less you breathe, the less likely you are to end up on a ventilator at the end of the school year. 

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