40 new series on ICI Tou.tv

Richard Therrien The Sun40 new series on ICI Tou.tv

40 new series on ICI Tou.tv

Les Appendices: back after the break will allow us to reconnect with Mr. Mousteille, Guy and René, Sylvie and to meet new ones, like Hubert the survivalist.

Share November 4, 2020 Updated November 5, 2020 at 8:39 a.m. Share 40 new series on ICI Tou.tv CHRONICLE / HERE Tou.tv Extra is the video-on-demand service that has benefited the most from the pandemic. With 16% of French-speaking Canadians who say they subscribe to it – double the number of last year – the Radio-Canada platform comes in third just behind Club illico with 17%. But it is still a long way from Netflix, which monopolizes 49% on its own, according to the Observer of media technologies.

For their part, ICI Tou.tv's youth content recorded a 72% increase in the number of connections, despite the arrival of Disney +, which all platforms feared greatly. This is to say how much the confined that we are thirst for series in burst or to catch up.

Unsurprisingly, District 31 remains the most viewed title, but that's all we'll know about the top rated shows. Online video services rarely reveal numbers, unlike television viewing data, which comes to us every day.

For its new programming, which it unveiled on Wednesday, ICI Tou.tv offers no less than 40 new series. Some of them will arrive in the coming weeks, including Dans la TV de … , hosted by Catherine Trudeau, which will allow the stars to come back to the great TV moments that have marked them. Nothing to do with The Children of TV since the guests do not talk about their own productions, but about lines, characters, political events that were decisive for them. Guylaine Tremblay, Simon Boulerice, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Pierre-Yves Lord and Gildor Roy are among the guests. Online November 19.

Next Thursday, November 12, it's the big comeback of a humorous collective that has raged for nine seasons on Télé-Québec. The Appendices: back after the break will allow us to reconnect with Mr. Mousteille, Guy and René, Sylvie and to know new ones, like Hubert the survivalist. In eight 10-minute segments.

Several shows arrive shortly before Christmas, just to keep us busy during the holiday break. The most interesting, L'ombre et la lumière , is an idea by Véronique Cloutier and focuses on these artists who were real stars before falling into oblivion. Among them, Michel Goyette, Manuel Hurtubise, Véronique Bannon and Michèle Barbara Pelletier. Only the last one made the choice to leave the foreground, the others having had to give up a career which they adored. Other established stars speak of these empty passages that are scary in an artistic journey. I can't wait to see this series of five episodes, which I will tell you about again.

Returning for a third season just in time for Christmas, The Side Effect will tackle gender identity with a student in transition, played by Leo Nault, who has become a boy himself in real life.

Lots and lots of new dramas on the program. Including L'oeil du cyclone , this dramatic comedy that Julie Le Breton had to give up to shoot Les beaux malaises 2.0 . She was replaced by Christine Beaulieu in this role of single mother with multiple concerns. Véronique Cloutier plays her sister, a bachelor who multiplies the conquests. To see in February. Six degrees , Simon Boulerice's first series starring Noah Parker as an almost blind teenager, is coming to Extra next March. Filming had to be halted after there were cases of COVID on set, but everything was back to normal.

A lot of good is said about the Defense from Entering children's book series! , which will become a series in the spring, with Loïc Bouffard in the role of Lolo, often in punishment in his room and who takes the opportunity to write his secret diary. François Chénier and Sandrine Bisson will be his parents.

In January, in the Véro.tv section, La cour est plein! will enter the intimacy of actor Jean-Nicolas Verreault and his wife Jannie-Karina Gagné, parents of three daughters who all require special care. We will follow the family in their quest to build three little houses for them, which would allow them to catch their breath. You will see that it is not easy.

A curiosity to be discovered also in January: Les doubleurs , in which Virginie Fortin, Arnaud Soly and Louis Courchesne will pose their voices on video extracts, recent and old, in the company of guest artists. Among other things, we released mothballs extracts from Véronique Cloutier in Combat clips at MusiquePlus. She also shot six new programs of Rétroviseur , which we are saving for February on Véro.tv, with among others Serge Denoncourt, Fabienne Larouche and Mariana Mazza.

ICI Tou.tv had the good idea to buy the British series Normal People , which it will present in French on the Extra in a few weeks – the 12-episode series is being dubbed. Over a period of several years, we follow the intense but complex loves of two young college students from very different backgrounds. To have.

Among the returns, a few dates to note: the third season of Bébéatrice on December 2 in the free section, the fourth and final season of Appelez mon agent on December 10 and the new episodes in the premiere of Facts divers and Pays d. 'above , who will begin their swan song on December 17th. For Passion Dust , it will be necessary to wait in February in Véro.tv, and for La Maison-Bleue , in March in Extra.


American election night will have kept us awake late Tuesday night. The majority of viewers followed her at LCN, 367,000 from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm, compared to 280,000 in 2016. At ICI RDI, 258,000 attended. At the end of the evening, from 10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., TVA attracted 325,000 viewers, in front of ICI Télé, followed by 205,000.

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