5-10-15, co-sleeping, how to get baby to sleep for good?

5-10-15, co-sleeping, how to get baby to sleep for good?

Tips for putting babies to sleep vary all the time. Here are some benevolent solutions.

Is your child sleeping through the night? Is baby able to sleep alone, in his bed? Many sleep-deprived new parents cringe at these oft-heard questions. At the end of their resources, they multiply the approaches so that their treasure can sleep better. And them too.

And we did not talk about the “famous” time change which, twice a year, also disturbs the sleep of the siblings. Now the three-year-old is waking up several times a night again. A black coffee, please! 

Are you okay? She is good! The series “Boutte Parents”aims to make families who are out of breath feel guilty in the context of the pandemic. On the program: advice, updates, and toolboxes on a ton of themes. To be continued in the Inspiration section.

The whole family must sleep well 

Sleep training methods for infants are numerous, but also controversial. Considered effective but outdated, the 5-10-15 (which consists of letting the child cry for 5, 10 and 15 minutes so that he falls asleep alone) has given way to its opposite: shared sleep or co-sleeping.&nbsp ;

“We went from one spectrum to another. Today, the well-being of the child and the response to his immediate needs are the priority of the parents”, notes Krysta Letto, co-founder of the agency specializing in sleep for toddlers, Bon Dodo. 

However, the co-sleeping is not unanimous either. Far from there. According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, the safest sleeping place for infants is their own crib, placed in their parent's room for the first six months. However, some specialists are in favor of bed sharing, provided that the parents respect the safety rules.

Leave it to parents to judge what is best for their baby, say more and more experts. There are no bad techniques. “In 2022, it's time to stop asking parents if their child sleeps through the night and let them choose the methods to apply,” continues Krysta, who is also an early childhood psychoeducator.    

Through Bon Dodo, which she co-founded last January with a neuropsychologist friend, she offers an alternative path, based on the attachment relationship between parent and child. “We are far from routine and behavioral standards. We advocate the well-being of the child and his emotions.” 

For this, the parent (especially the mother, we will not hide it!) must be comfortable with this approach which encourages co-sleeping in particular. “Parents are afraid of creating bad habits. But a child adapts. He won't stay in your bed all his life!” 

Trust himself 

By reading about it, consulting numerous websites and, above all, being exposed to the opinions of those around them, many parents, especially mothers, feel lost in the abundance of ready-made strategies and techniques on which opinions differ. They are exhausted. 

5-10-15, co-sleeping, how to get baby to sleep for good? 

Photo: Wesley McLachlan/Unsplash

This is why specialized agencies come to their rescue. Since 2012, the parental services agency Bedaine Urbaine has been supporting parents and providing them with sleep training methods with controlled crying. 

“Before founding Bedaine Urbaine, I was this mother out of resources and patience. I could have shaken my baby,” says founder Marie-Pier Villeneuve. 

Parents feel tired not only of not understanding their baby's sleep, but also of not knowing how to position yourself or intervene in the right way. 

“Trust yourself, mom!” Says Marie-Pier. There is no miracle recipe, she repeats to her clients. “The important thing is that the parent feels good with the approach they are taking. If he's stressed, his child will feel it.” 

Where to start? 

< p>There are still little tricks to promote baby's sleep. Marie-Pier's first advice is to remove the sound mobile and the bright and interactive toys that stimulate the child from the bed. “These are real iPads for babies!” she laments.

Does your child need reassurance? The mom pillow has proven itself for decades: it is simply a question of slipping a t-shirt impregnated with the smell of the mother alongside the baby.

Baby doesn't want to sleep in bed? Let go! A nap in the stroller, in the car or in the baby carrier is still a nap. The goal is to relieve pressure and, of course, to sleep better.

The Toolbox 

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  • Looking for easy and well explained methods? Bedaine Urbaine's TopTop Book offers four of them, so that the child can fall asleep by himself or at least try to do so!
  • Know- you overnight bags? Sold across the country, in Europe and in the United States, this flagship product from the Quebec company Perlimpinpin has kept babies warm for 25 years.
  • Do you have a white noise machine? It's the gadget of the hour. Popular with larger siblings, approved models from Marpac, Yogasleep or Dreamegg also make fan or nature sounds. created by a Quebec professor-researcher specializing in the field of toddler sleep, for a wealth of advice. 
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