5 excellent excuses to refuse a Christmas visit

5 excellent excuses for refusing the visit & agrave; No & euml; l & nbsp;

This Kwismas , there is a limit of 20 people per party, for reasons we know, and there are people we don't don't want to invite… for the reasons we know. So here are our five proven excuses to avoid inviting someone like that (or just a mononc & rsquo; unpleasant. There's no vaccine against that) at Christmas. & Nbsp;

 5 excellent excuses to refuse the visit & euml; l & nbsp;

Caroline Décoste and Mathieu Charlebois behind the column Will you finish?

  1. “Sorry, we're already 20”. The & nbsp; twist : you also counted your animals and your plants. Ben & nbsp; What? Cats can poke the coconut. Why not your begonia?
  1. “This year we are making seitan turkey, millet pie and lentil foie gras . “& Nbsp; Cousin Sébastien will find a plan B in less time than it takes to shout & nbsp;” Yule log & nbsp; silky tofu! “& Nbsp;
  1. As in contests, add a math skills test to your invitation. An equation with two parentheses, that makes you a no worse sort. & Nbsp;
  1. Blame the inflation. Turkey costs 18% more, we get 18% less people. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
  1. Offer a cover charge . Gone are the days when you agreed to feed your relatives in exchange for a trio of small, highly scented soaps. Now you ask for an entrance fee, payable in advance, Interac transfer or PayPal, non-refundable. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

And because even if you love your visit, you also want to go to bed in your bed at some point, and not in a bunch of winter coats with pockets filled with a tapon of masks and & nbsp; Used kleenex & nbsp; , we offer you these & nbsp; three great & nbsp; ways to put everyone & nbsp; dewors : & nbsp;

  1. Suggest to the assembly to redo your doctoral defense, PowerPoint in support. The phrase “Hey, I started investing in NFTs, let me explain that” is also very effective
  1. Start a contest of & nbsp; shots & nbsp; of celery juice; & nbsp;
  1. Start your DVD of the best moments from the Speech from the Throne 1867-2021, to do karaoke. & nbsp;

Life is too short, and vacations even more, to endure people you don't like. Give yourself this gift this year: Give yourself the holy & nbsp; jeribory & nbsp; of peace. & Nbsp;

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