5 must-have Quebec comics released this year

5 comic strips thaté b unmissable releases this year 

The Montreal Book Fair is just around the corner and it's the perfect place to do your Christmas shopping. Métro therefore offers you five Quebec comic strips published in 2022 that are undeniably worth taking out your wallet to please a loved one. 

If we were 2 by Axelle Lenoir 

5 must-have québ comics released this year 

Originally published in the magazine for teens Curium, the humorous series If we were returns for a second album thanks to Front Froid editions. It features the two best friends in the world ever, Marie and Nathalie, who continue their favorite game: imagining what they would be if they were… a fruit, a Viking warrior, a giant robot, it doesn't matter, since their imagination is limitless. The author Axelle Lenoir amazes us once again with her dynamic illustrations that change style according to the subjects and her dialogues that are both accurate and hilarious.  

La cité oblique< /em> by Christian Quesnel and Ariane Gélinas 

5 essential québ comics released this year 

Discover the history of New France from a disturbing angle, this is what the comic strip La Cité oblique offersby Christian Quesnel and Ariane Gélinas, published by Alto editions. Freely inspired by the writings of American author Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who visited Quebec City three times, this visually stunning work will appeal to followers of the Cthulhu cult, cosmic horror fans and history buffs alike. . This hallucinated re-reading of the experiences of our “Great Old Ones” is also available in a collector's edition offered in a three-fold box in embossed and handcrafted synthetic leather. 170 pages of pure pleasure and thrills.  

Chanson noire by Jeik Dion 

5 must-have québ comics released this year 

The comic strip Chanson noire, published by Glénat last spring, also gives chills. Known for illustrating the cartoon adaptations of the film Turbo Kid and the novel Aliss, Jeik Dion offers here the first comic strip that he himself scripted. We follow a couple who move to the countryside, a heavenly place if it were not for the neighbors who were a little annoying, an evil tree and a cosmic event upsetting their tranquility. The author's line is still as restless and this time puts forward drawings in very bright colors, flirting with pastel, a real nightmare both terrifying and luminous. 

Utown by CAB 

5 must-see comic books released this year 

With Utown, author CAB, known for the series Nuclear winter, features bumsfriendly that seem straight out of Hochelaga. Published by New address editions, this comic strip recounts the setbacks of a young illustrator who prefers to party rather than paint canvases. Faced with an eviction notice, he and his neighbors will mobilize to try to keep their housing and fight more broadly against the gentrification of their neighborhood. Flirting with the manga and entirely in black and white, the illustrations of CAB recall those of Jamie Hewlett, British illustrator known among others for having created the visual of the music group Gorillaz. Craftsmanship, with a more than welcome social subtext. 

Confessions of a Normal Woman by Éloïse Marseille 

< p>5 must-have queb comic strips released this year

Big crush this year from the author of these lines, the comic strip Confessions of a normal woman – published by Pow Pow – cannot leave indifferent. Barely 26 years old, the author Éloïse Marseille offers with this first work a story of bluffing maturity and a plea for an uninhibited sexuality without taboos. She tackles her love life, her sexuality, her questions and her shame frontally, which does not prevent several touches of humor as welcome as they are benevolent. Don't be fooled by the naive style of its illustrations, the comic book Confessions of a Normal Woman is both touching and enriching, even for the oldest among us. You might not teach an old monkey to make a face, but when it comes to love and sexuality, there is always room for discovery. 

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