5 tips for stylish, waste-free gift wrapping

5 tips for stylish and waste-free gift wrapping

A woman practicing furoshiki. This is a perfect technique for wrapping gifts without waste!

Do you want to wrap your gifts while doing your part for the environment? without wrapping paper! & nbsp;

& nbsp; 1) & nbsp; Recycle or reuse & nbsp;

To replace the & nbsp; beautiful paper & nbsp; in Christmas colors, & nbsp; Nathalie & nbsp; Ainsley, press relations officer at the Association québécoise Zéro Déchet, & nbsp; advises & nbsp; first & nbsp; to reuse what 'we have at home & # 8230; or in its recycling bin! & nbsp;

“We can use recycled paper, for example tissue paper that we have saved, old sheet music, magazines that we no longer read or newspapers that were going to end up in recycling”, she illustrates. & nbsp;

Instead of using adhesive tape to glue the corners of the paper, Nathalie & nbsp; Ainsley & nbsp; even suggests making her zero waste glue. & nbsp; “We find lots of recipes on the web “, she points out. & nbsp; & nbsp;

 5 tips to wrap your gifts in style and without waste

You can recycle your paper and make it colorful wrapping!

Paper, does it & nbsp; really tempt you & nbsp; & nbsp; Andréanne Laurin, co-founder and general manager of LOCO zero waste grocery stores, & nbsp; offers an & nbsp; more sustainable & nbsp; solution: & nbsp; fabric. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ;

The beautiful pink scarf that you no longer wear, that bed sheet or that polka dot pillowcase that does not fit with your new & nbsp; deco & nbsp; can & nbsp; easily & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

“We & nbsp; can use a plain or patterned fabric & nbsp; & nbsp; wrap our & nbsp; making nice folds for him & nbsp; give relief. It & nbsp; makes everything more & nbsp; pleasant, & nbsp; she explains. & Nbsp;

And if you don't have a scarf or fabric on hand, a quick trip to the thrift store should be enough to fix it.

2) & nbsp; ; Learn about & nbsp; furoshiki & nbsp;

By the way, if you like folding fabric and want a result & nbsp; a little & nbsp; more & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

This traditional Japanese wrapping method involves wrapping its present in a thick square fabric. We then fold up the corners and make pretty loops to tie the whole thing & nbsp; using a variety of techniques & nbsp; which adapt to & nbsp; the shape of the package & nbsp; (and that we find on the internet). & Nbsp;

 5 tips for wrapping gifts with style and without waste

The furoshiki: a method to adopt!

“If you still want to add a small ribbon, choose string or wool”, & nbsp; suggests Andréanne Laurin. & nbsp;

In all cases, & nbsp; sayonara , & nbsp; duct tape. & nbsp;

3) & nbsp; Use reusable containers & nbsp; & nbsp;

Rather than wrapping your gifts literally, nothing prevents you from simply putting them in mason-type mugs, jars and other wooden or cardboard boxes. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“A glass jar with a golden lid can be very beautiful for a hostess gift”, & nbsp; proposes & nbsp; for example & nbsp; Andréanne Laurin. & Nbsp;

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Once the container has been chosen (the size of your present), just let your creativity run free to decorate it. & Nbsp;

“You can add a beautiful ribbon to decorate a box or a handmade woolen sleeve on a glass jar to hide the gift in an original way”, adds the zero waste expert. & nbsp; & nbsp;

4) & nbsp; Natural ornaments & nbsp;

To add an extra touch, natural ornaments, 100% biodegradable, are the zero waste solution par excellence. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“To collect your decorations, a little trip in the kitchen or outside & nbsp; is essential ”, explains Andréanne Laurin. & nbsp;

 5 tips for wrapping your gifts in style and without waste

Why not cut fir branches to decorate your package?

Star anise, pine casseroles, slices of dehydrated oranges, small red berries, bits of fir branches or cinnamon sticks can make the case. Basically: anything that could go into a potpourri. & Nbsp;

Sprinkle over your presents without & nbsp; moderation! & Nbsp; & nbsp;

5) & nbsp; Divert attention & nbsp;

Finally, if you're not super proud of the final look & nbsp; of your gifts (we don't all have the talent to make gift baskets worthy of a Hallmark movie), don't feel like you have to apologize, but instead try to distract from the unboxing.

“Just make it fun, sums up Andréanne Laurin. & nbsp; We can organize a treasure hunt, puzzles or even a trivia game. & nbsp; If the unboxing becomes a game, & nbsp; it takes the pressure off of having THE best gift & nbsp; wrapped. “& Nbsp;

 5 tips for wrapping your gifts in style and without waste

A little play in unpacking, it adds magic!

And if everyone's having fun, maybe you don't even need to wrap them up at all & # 8230; we say the same. & nbsp; & nbsp;

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