50-year-olds take on reality TV (and our hearts)

The 50s taking on reality TV (and our hearts)

While young people with tattoos and big muscles abound in dating reality shows, a new category of single people is stealing the spotlight: middle-aged people. But why do they grip so much with the public? 

“They go there with a different quest from the younger ones,” says Martin Métivier, producer of Love is in the meadow, which this season features a third farmer in his fifties, Denis (not to be confused with Denis sans mustache from the previous season). “It's completely another way of seeing life, when you're older, confirms the latter. The rest of us are out of the question to start a family!” 

Jennifer, who was 50 years old when she participated in the first season of If we loved each other, opines in the same direction: “In your fifties, you passed the stage of having a family and you have a little heavier luggage, sometimes.” Romantic reality shows that feature moms and dads therefore have the advantage of presenting people with different concerns and desires than what we see on The Island of Love.   

The enthusiasm for singles over fifty is also explained by the authenticity and confidence they show, especially in matters of love, because of their previous experiences. “[At this age], it seems like it's going so fast. You no longer have time to fool around, summarizes Jennifer. You recognize the things you don't need in your life, you're more apt to get rid of them and move on. You don't know yourself anymore, too.”  

50-year-olds take on reality TV (and our hearts)

Denis adds to this: “I don't want to take anything away from the youngsters who are on the adventure, but I think that when you're older, you have more life experiences, so I think the decisions are more easy to take.” We also fell for the instant love of Louise and Nicolas from the eighth season of Love is in the meadow

The public would also be more keen on diversity. In other words, he wants to see in his screen more cultural, sexual, bodily differences, but also various age groups. “It's difficult for women in their fifties [to find love, in particular], because we become a little invisible in society,” says Jennifer, who welcomes a greater representation of older women. on the television. Above all, it allows singles of all ages to identify with them and to hope in turn.  

Producer Martin Métivier explains that the high rate of romantic success of older couples in encourages many to embark on the adventure. This is for example the passage of Jennifer to If we loved each other which convinced Brigitte to register for the show in turn. 

“It seems that above 50 years, there is less time, we are busy doing our business, notes Denis. There are so many people my age who watch these shows. If I can give them hope…!” Same story for Jennifer, who thinks her on-screen career “changed the lives of people who listened to the show” by making them realize that they could change behaviors even if they are in their thirties.&nbsp ;


The 50s take on reality TV (and our hearts)

Participating in a romantic reality show requires a good dose of courage, regardless of age. But there is something special about signing up for these kinds of shows in the second half of your life. “My best audition is a lady over fifty, says Martin Métivier, moved. Life had been hard on her, but that morning she thought she had a right to love, and maybe reality TV was going to give her that opportunity.”   

In fact, these simple words from the producer alone sum up why there is so much rallying round the older participants: “Everyone deserves love.” 

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