$ 683,000 for more ephemeral places in Quebec

Québec City continues to expand its ephemeral summer seats. At least four new colorful public spaces will be developed this summer and three already existing will be requinqué.
This project of approximately $ 683,000 will enable the capital to cross the 30 populated plots scattered throughout the territory, although the majority is in the central districts. And there will be some novelties that may attract the attention of citizens.

Starting with the three floating campsites that will be offered at the Beauport Outdoor Center. Yes, on docks. Three platforms will be installed on the lake of the Neglected. The tenants will go there by the water. They will find a shelter, a picnic table and a fire place where they can grill their supper!

“This is a first phase to test the concept of camping on the water,” says one in municipal documents. “If the answer to this new offer is good […], the concept could be developed on a larger scale.”

Street Art in Cap-Rouge

On the side of the marina of Cap-Rouge, 500 meters from St. Felix Street to the river, a walk type “seaside” will see the light of day. The inspiration will come from Gaspésie, the Maritimes, the East Coast. The city also plans to feed on urban art to “create on the ground an artistic and rhythmic course that accompanies walkers.”

The mayor also intends to pursue the development of the D’Estimauville eco-neighborhood sector on Sainte-Anne Boulevard. The vacant lot next to the 2575 building will be metamorphosed. Shrubs, sod, planting tubs, picnic tables and Adirondack chairs will make the place more inviting.

Let’s look now at the Sainte-Foy Outdoor Base. The municipality will also sow one of its ephemeral places, on the lake. “The concept includes the addition of comfortable relaxing furniture and the construction of sand squares.”

Enhanced concepts

In addition to these new ephemeral places, the City intends to improve three already located downtown.

At Pointe-aux-Lièvres, the ephemeral place that pushed last summer will be more green, more extensive by promoting a link with the river, with more games for the little ones …

The Marina Saint-Roch and its very busy swimming pool will also undergo a transformation. The goal: “Make Marina Saint-Roch an oasis of freshness in the city center.” There will be many more plants. And facilities creating shaded areas, relaxing furniture, swings, a space conducive to yoga …

Remains Dorchester Bridge linking the neighborhoods Saint-Roch and Limoilou. The concept “Pont d’Art’chester”, and its exhibition of large photographs, will be renewed. Relaxing furniture will allow you to take a break over the Saint-Charles River. Floor painting, specific lighting and greenery will make the site more welcoming.

The city justifies the investments by the popularity of ephemeral places. “A survey conducted in 2017 revealed that 95% of citizens feel that it is appropriate for the City to subsidize these improvements,” says Amélie Cauchon, communications advisor. “To respond to the craze created by ephemeral places in recent years, the City wishes to [continue] their presence in its territory.”

“Ephemeral places contribute to living together by promoting neighborhood life and meetings, citizen involvement and the development of a sense of belonging to the community.”

Ephemeral tickets must be delivered by June 20th.

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