7 things you didn't know about OnlyFans

7 things you don't know on OnlyFans  

The popular platform for sharing exclusive content will soon celebrate its seventh birthday. For the occasion, here are seven things you didn't know about OnlyFans.

1. It does not only contain XXX content. In August 2021, OnlyFans even publicly announced that it wanted to abolish this type of content, which caused a strong reaction from users. The company flip-flopped and ultimately decided to continue allowing it.

2. There are two types of accounts: free or paid. Creators with a free page charge fans to unlock posts one by one. Creators with a paid subscription page deliver more content to subscribers and generate revenue from subscriptions.  

3. As a subscriber on the platform, you can chat with content creators, which creates a closeness often sought by users. These people can even leave a tip if they are satisfied with the exchanges. 

4. Many celebrities have or have had OnlyFans accounts to interact with their audience and give them access to new music. Examples include DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, Cardi B and Tyga.   

5. In general, an OnlyFans account is not synonymous with popularity and wealth. The average creator would earn US$180 per month and only have 21 subscriptions. One-third of revenue is generated by 1% of creators (the most popular). A distribution of wealth much like in real life… 

6. It is still possible to make tens of thousands of dollars a month by publishing explicit content, even in Quebec. But beware! For it to be so lucrative, you need to have tons of subscriptions on other social networks and get people to subscribe to your OnlyFans account. For example, when YouTuber and content creator Lysandre Nadeau signed up on the platform two years ago, her approximately 4,000 OnlyFans subscribers earned her $112,000 in the first month.

7. OnlyFans was named one of the most influential companies in the world according to the renowned magazine TIME in 2021.

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