8 beloved local treatments to “reset” your skin

8 local-care adored to “reset” your skin

Let it be said: the lack of light, the return of the cold and our increasingly distant vacations are undermining our face. To reverse the trend, here are some favorite Quebec treatments.

8 local favorite treatments to «reset» your skin

In his “Crush d’ici” column, the director of the Inspiration and Culture sections at Métro reveals his favorites from Quebec.

Vitamin C Serum 10% – Laboratoire Dr Renaud

8 beloved local treatments to «reset

As we know, vitamin C has the superpower of brightening and unifying the complexion in addition to slowing down the aging process of the skin, giving us a good dose of antioxidants and protecting us from free radicals caused by Sun. This is why this new hyper-concentrated formula from Laboratoire Dr Renaud has become our new favorite anti-aging ally. From the first applications, the tensor effect was there and our skin was more luminous. Hats off!

116$ – Available online and in some beauty salons

Self-tanning serum – NUDA

8 beloved local treatments to «reset

No need to bake in the sun to have a tanned complexion all year round. With this all-in-one serum, not only do you take on color without turning orange, but you also get benefits for the skin. It's that its formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid – which traps hydration under the dermis – as well as antioxidants and vitamin E. Although its texture is slightly sticky, it has nothing to do with other self-tanners on the market. We especially appreciate the fact that the dermis does not shine too much as if we had just applied an ultra moisturizing oil. The right casual shine.

$60 – Available online and in some beauty salons

Triple action peeling exfoliating discs – Functionalab

8 treatments locals worshiped to “reset” your skin

It doesn't take much to screw up the texture of the skin. A few impurities here, pollution there, lack of hydration on a certain Friday night when we went to bed without cream. That's where these exfoliating and resurfacing pads come in, which you use a few times a week or as needed before bedtime.

With their concentration of 8% AHA (glycolic, lactic, mandelic, malic, tartaric and citric acids) and 2% salicylic acid, they help smooth and lighten the dermis by eliminating dead skin and stimulating the collagen production. We can already hear you saying: “But wait, my skin is going to melt. Hello dryness and redness!!!» No, despite our sensitive skin and in three weeks of use, our face has never pulled or reddened. Probably due to the complex loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories of these discs. The cream you put on top also helps, of course. To try without hesitation!

75$ – Available online and in some beauty salons

Micro-Peel Mask – Pro-Derm

8 local favorite treatments to “reset” your skin

A constantly glowing face requires effort and regular maintenance. To achieve this, this mask acts as a good soldier. Loaded with glycolic acid, it eliminates dead cells, tightens pores and therefore visibly smoothes the dermis in addition to slightly brightening the complexion. We particularly like its silky texture which does not dry out and therefore does not cause tightness while it does its work on our skin.

57 $ – In some beauty centres, at Etiket or online

Supreme Ultime Anti-Aging Night Mask – IDC

8 beloved local treatments to

Treating is sometimes not enough. We must repair. Close your eyes and let this divine anti-aging and anti-fatigue mask do the job. The composition of this treatment is just as unique as it is mysterious. The Quebec brand claims to have developed a “Sleep Science Complex” enriched with “key peptides that slow down the muscle contraction responsible for the formation of wrinkles” and which promotes the production of collagen. It won us over to “sleep”, which we all desperately need, but also with its creamy texture that quickly melts into the dermis, its invigorating floral fragrance and above all its tensor effect. When we woke up, our face actually seemed relaxed and refreshed, and our complexion more even.

Although IDC's Ultime range was designed for mature skin, this mask has the merit of sweeping away our youthful lines. thirties.

$99.99 – Available online, at Jean Coutu and Pharmaprix

Sunbrella – Davincia suncare

8 beloved local-skincare s to “reset” your skin

8 beloved local treatments to

Put away the tubes of bright blue sunscreen and jump on these 100% natural and mineral products – designed and manufactured in Quebec – to protect and enhance (yes, yes!) your face from UVA and UVB rays. Because in addition to being anti-aging allies like any good sunscreen, they are tinted, gentle on the skin. We love the tinted face cream (SPF 30) with its rich and silky texture that quickly melts into the skin in addition to hydrating and nourishing it thanks to hyaluronic acid and sea buckthorn oil. It's surprisingly not sticky and it doesn't leave a powdery look when dry. It is also water and sweat resistant for 40 minutes.

115 $ – Available online and in selected beauty salons

Need a mid-day touch-up? I add the naturally tinted mineral sun powder – available in three colors – which offers SPF 30 protection. The pigments are fine and combine with a natural face as well as with makeup without deposit. Wow!

81 $

Pure Cream Re[Gene]  – Laboratoire Dr Renaud

8 beloved local treatments to «reset

It is the ultimate Quebec anti-aging cream. Thanks to natural complexes meticulously developed in Laval, this vegan elixir promotes cell communication, which leads to a cascade of reactions that redensifies the dermis in depth. Its rich and silky texture is simply divine. If it was designed for mature skin (45 years and over), it’s adopted as a night cream to counteract the first signs of aging. 

116$ – Available online and in some beauty salons

PHYT’S: not local, but noteworthy!

If there is one brand of natural products that deserves our attention, it's PHYT'S, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and its 35th in Canada. A pioneer in the field, the French company has been fine-tuning its 100% natural skincare products for five decades and today offers no less than 300 beauty and cosmetic products divided into 20 ranges, all of which are Cosmebio certified, and therefore free of synthetic ingredients.

We fell in love with the anti-pollution range loaded with antioxidants and regenerating active ingredients that oxygenate the skin, stimulate cell renewal and create a shield against all pollutants. The indescribably soft products that give off pleasant herbaceous, sometimes earthy scents, make our face shine with vitality after a few short days of use.

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