8 out of 10 parents lack the resources to help their anxious child

8 parents out of 10 lack the resources to help their anxious child

The Respire awareness campaign aims to give young people and their parents tools to fight against their anxiety.

It’s not easy to help your child cope with stress and anxiety… In any case, this is what emerges from a survey commissioned by the André-Boudreau Foundation. With the Respire campaign, the foundation intends to help them with concrete tools.  

School, friendship, love, first experiences, questions, young people have reasons to be stressed! And many of their parents are worried about it. With its very first survey conducted by Maru Public Opinion, the André-Boudreau Foundation reveals that no less than 65% of Quebec parents are concerned about the stress and anxiety that their child may feel.

In addition to worrying about their offspring, many parents would like to be better equipped to support their child. In fact, 29% say they are poorly equipped to help their child and, on average, 83% of parents feel they need more guidance to find out about the resources and tools available to them. 

“These figures demonstrate the relevance of the Respire campaign, born of a collaboration between the André-Boudreau Foundation and the CISSS des Laurentides,” said Nadia Dahman, president of the André-Boudreau Foundation, in a press release. Through this common vision, the Respire campaign is committed to constantly offering educational content and online tools to children and adolescents, but also to the adults who accompany them.”

Tools for better breathing

To draw attention to the tools she has developed and the existing resources, the foundation has therefore launched the third edition of its awareness campaign, Respire. His new slogan? “Don't let your stress have the last word!” 

If its goal is always to address young people – especially on TikTok with the collaboration of influencers like Claudie Mercier, Melyna Phan, Emy Lalune or the twins Alexis and Mathis St-Laurent – ​​the campaign is also addressed to their parents.


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Definitions to better understand the difference between stress and anxiety, breathing techniques to calm down, helpful phrases to reassure yourself, catalog of specialized resources… All these practical tools are available directly on the tuaslederniermot website. com to help children and parents deal with anxiety together.  

Because, as campaign spokesperson Pascal Morrissette puts it, in one of TikTok's capsules Breathe: “It's hard to eliminate stress and anxiety, but what we can do is understand where they come from to better control them.” 

< em>The survey to which this article refers was conducted online by sampling and data service experts between August 23 and 26, 2022 among 506 Quebec parents of children under the age of 18. The estimated margin of error for this survey is +/- 4.4%.

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