9 excellent Quebec books for Christmas

9 excellent baby books; cois pour No & euml; l

Exciting readings for all tastes.

Do you have a few gifts left to buy and are you running out of inspiration? Giving a book is always a safe bet … if you choose it well! To help you, Métro called on Mélanie Guillemette, owner of the Montreal bookstore “Wasn't it summer”. Here are his suggestions.

For Sunday readers & nbsp;

Bagels by Fanie Demeule and Amélie Dubois
“C is a small reading format, illustrated in addition! The story is a little sad but bright as we follow a young woman's struggle with her eating disorders. Beautiful.”

This is how I disappear from & nbsp; Mirion & nbsp; Malle & nbsp;
“I find comics and graphic novels to be great options for those who read sparingly. This book immerses us in the daily life of someone who is living with depression, it tears off a few moments of emotion, but it remains overall very positive and I would even say inspiring! ”& Nbsp;

For & nbsp; bitten & nbsp; big books & nbsp;

The trajectory of confetti by & nbsp; Marie-Ève ​​& nbsp; Thuot & nbsp;
“A good number of pages, love stories like no other, brothers who tell each other everything & nbsp; – & nbsp; to read well & nbsp; wrapped up!” & Nbsp;

A thousand secrets a thousand dangers by Alain & nbsp; Farah & nbsp;
“One of my last favorites!” The main action takes place for a day, the length of a wedding. & Nbsp; I laughed and cried, and I couldn't wait to finish it. A big plus, we can hear & nbsp; Algiers & nbsp; by Jean & nbsp; Leloup & nbsp; at the wedding! ”& Nbsp;

9 excellent qu & eacute; b & eacute; cois for Christmas ; l

Mélanie Guillemette, owner of the bookstore Wasn't it summer

For the souls of poets & nbsp;

Anthology of contemporary women's poetry in Quebec by Vanessa Bell and Catherine Cormier-Larose
“An anthology that brings together 55 Quebec poets, which provides a good overview of what is happening at the moment, to then better seek out authors who touch us. The book is super simple and beautiful (black and gold). I love!”

When I say nothing I still think & nbsp; of & nbsp; Camille & nbsp; Readman & nbsp; Prud & rsquo; homme & nbsp;
“It's & nbsp; a big crush at the bookstore & nbsp; – & nbsp; in bookstores in general, & nbsp; I think! Often poems in prose, an intimate writing that reaches us from the first lines. Also, the L'Oie de Cravan publishing house simply makes beautiful books, with beautiful paper, beautiful colors, it's soft. “& Nbsp;

Sticks to message /& nbsp; Tshissinuatshitakana & nbsp; by & nbsp; Joséphine Bacon & nbsp;
“This is Joséphine Bacon's first collection, and a great introduction to opening up to poetry, and the poetry of First Peoples more specifically. I find the format great, and I love the alternation between French and Innu on each page. ”& Nbsp;

Take end by Sarah Boutin
“Published by a brand new publishing house [Attachment], the book is magnificent, with beautiful color prints, soft and warm themes. It feels like an eternal summer. ”

For beautiful readings with the family & nbsp;

Chez toi chez moi & nbsp; by & nbsp; Marianne Dubuc & nbsp;
“Young people still like Marianne & nbsp; Dubuc, & nbsp; but what drives me to put this book specifically as a gift recommendation is its format , which is still quite a bit bigger than the one we know in children's albums! It's good for two! ”& Nbsp;

And there you have it, you are now well equipped to give the right book to the right person! Unless you want to keep a few of these suggestions to yourself and make them your holiday readings.

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