9th festival of the Ever Read Quebec: to document the survival

9e festival du Jamais Lu Québec: documenter la survivance

The guidelines Marianne Marceau and Marcelle Dubois between autrices Carolanne Foucher and Laura Amar, whose works will be read in full at Ever Read the Thursday November 28.

5 November 2019

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9th festival of the Ever Read Quebec: to document the survival

9e festival du Jamais Lu Québec: documenter la survivance

Josianne Desloges

The Sun


“We are programmers” impulse, illustrated by Marcelle Dubois, executive director of the Never Read. The 9th grind “Quebec” of the festival, which takes place in Montreal and in Paris, to honor this maxim. The drama documentary will be showcased under the theme “not To disappear”, through the texts of a dozen of authors, from 28 to 30 November.

This urgency to preserve and avoid the loss of loved ones, communities, and the nature that surrounds us was a common denominator in the texts submitted to Marianne Marceau, the artistic director of the Ever Read Quebec, and his team of readers trained. In this era of “Do It Yourself” (do it yourself), rise of survivalism and écoanxiété, we feel that our contemporaries are looking for new models, emergency exits. “It is also the case when one wants to learn,” notes Marianne Marceau. One turns to the documentary to explore in depth subjects that it’s hard to catch the flow of the new continuous mass media.”

The Ever Read is meant to be a laboratory, a launch pad for texts, theatrical initiated, ended or created to respond to a question that runs through our times.

The kick-off, Thursday night, takes the form of a discussion between the artistic director and two guests : Celestine Uhde, a young feminist activist, and environmentalist, and Alexander Bacon, a policy advisor for the innu nation. They should seek to say how the disappearance haunts the collective consciousness, and haunts the imaginary space.

Readings integrals

Two readings integrals will be presented then. Laura Amar sign The Factory, the story of two survivors in the carcass of a bus, which will be read by Frédérique Bradet. “His pen has struck us. The characters oscillate between the desire to act and the desire to erase”, points out Marianne Marceau. Then, Handle with care, of Carolanne Foucher, offers “with humor and intelligence,” the story of a woman who was asked an alarm body that rings when she finds herself in an intimate situation uncomfortable, and who goes astray.

On the morning of Friday, The court of the great Michel Bertrand reflects on the fate of six teens from the beginning to the end of the school year. “A mural funny and touching on the affirmation of the self,” notes Ms. Marceau. That evening, the unavoidable particle Accelerator is a great entry point for those who want to discover the many forms of writing theatre plays. “It shows us a panorama of all that is created at this time to Quebec. We try to have something very varied, with tones a little more poetic, more realistic, more dark, more cheerful,” says the artistic director. Odile Won-Roy, Isabelle Hubert, Lauren Hartley, Vincent Massey-Won and Simon Lepage we will result in various universes : survey Nelligan, superheroes as seen by a scientist, is an account of a scheme of low floor and a missing child in the suburbs will make up this bay window on creation.

Saturday, interested parties will be able to infiltrate in the last meeting of the master class playwright Étienne Lepage. This will then be evening gala on the occasion of the FTDFJLQ, fake shortcut for “theater Festival, documentary Festival, Ever Read Quebec”. Under the aegis of Véronique Côté and Marianne Marceau, five authors responded to the question, “What would you like to see (or not see) in the future?” by delivering a text of documentary theatre. A unique opportunity to see how well they are managed, Jean-Philippe Baril-Guérard, Maxime Beauregard-Martin, Catherine Éthier, Nadia Girard Eddahia and Olivier Normand with this special order.

In addition to the master class, held at the House of literature, all the activities of the Ever Read will be held at theatre Periscope. Info : jamaislu.com

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