A 21st Month Multi-concentrated version [VIDEO]

Un 21e Mois Multi en version concentrée [VIDÉO]

The commissioner Emile Beauchemin and Mélanie Bédard, director of Recto-Verso

January 8, 2020

Updated January 9, 2020 at 7: 39


A 21st Month Multi-concentrated version [VIDEO]

Un 21e Mois Multi en version concentrée [VIDÉO]

Josianne Desloges

The Sun


The 21st Month Multi will be brief, but its programming suggests that its intensity will be greatly increased. Several projects for the creation of continuous, performance-punks and lectures hybrids come thick and fast, from 5 to 9 February in Jellyfish and in various places of the central districts of Quebec.

“Last year, for the 20th anniversary, we went to six weeks, says Mélanie Bédard, the new director general of the Duplex, which organizes the Month Multi. It was long, for the team and for the public. I think the term condensed is going to help restore an atmosphere of a festival.” The grind 2021, it should take 15 days.

By then, the “mini” Month Multi 2020 account 70 artists and 20 proposals. Everything revolves around the theme of the collapse, in which there are three direct references in the titles of the works proposed. In particular, The theories of the collapse / Phase, a series of tables contrasting signed The undisciplined.es and presented at the studio d’essai of Méduse.

The Office of the APA will move to SAW for The expo on the flop that will not take place and The show on the collapse that will not take place. The public will be invited to stroll through the workshop to the class on February 5 and 6, and then to see their show, which will take the form of a conference exploded the next day.

“The collapse refers to the multiple bursts of social that there is around us, says the commissioner Emile Beauchemin. I see in a lot of proposals that I get from a year and a half that there is a desire to bring reflections social creations that are multi-disciplinary.”

The festival hosts two residences. Jocelyn Pelletier will be working on Swallowing the Himalayas, around an ecological disaster, to the Barracks and Dalhousie. Aurélie Pedron will deliver about 96 hours of performance for the Invisible, to the House for the dance. To see from the outside, through the window, the night and the interior on the opening hours of the place. L. Y. C. R. a., performance of 12 hours of the Theatre of the wicked, will also be held in Engram the first night of the festival. “This will be a Month multi occupancy,” notes Emile Beauchemin.

Daniel Danis take over to Engram Saturday and Sunday in leading a reflection on the art sustainable designed to invite stakeholders of different ages and different backgrounds. “We start the festival with the collapse, but it was normal that it ends on a note more bright, in speaking of the future and rebuild,” stresses the commissioner.

Un 21e Mois Multi en version concentrée [VIDÉO]


Keven Lee

Among the shows “completed”, there will be Youngnesse, project hybris, a collective queer that deals with the collapse of the youth in front of the political stakes and the construction of a new world. “It is on the tone of a show a punk, In Your Face. This will be a pirate and a punk, neon and dirty”, says Émile Beauchemin.

For the young public, Pakman, of the collective belgian Post itu Hessdalen, a performance punctuated combining circus and music, will be presented in a marine container three times per day. Cinoche, a selection of short films under the aegis of Laurence P. Lafaille in collaboration with Antitube, is on display on the Sunday.

Un 21e Mois Multi en version concentrée [VIDÉO]

The school of aviation

Diane Landry

The beautiful facility The school of aviation of Diane Landry, who was created 20 years ago at the mois multi will be presented to the Eye of fish as early as Wednesday evening. This is the key to Jeanne Couture, who will also moderate meetings of artists on the Saturday afternoon.

Info : moismulti.org

To discover :

180 seconds

Projects of master’s and phd in arts of stage and screen presented in 180 seconds.

Thursday 6 February from 17h to 19h at the international studio of Medusa.


A discussion by videoconference with elders of the aboriginal peoples of Northern Quebec.

Saturday, 8 February at 17h at the House for the dance.

Sound of Mind and Body

A creation of Bill Coleman and Gordon Monahan that links dance, music and brain waves.

Saturday and Sunday at 19h at studio Trial.

Babies Fountain

Three young women pay homage to the artist Brigitte Fontaine in a performance that is theatrical.

Friday and Saturday at 21: 30 at the salle Multi.



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