A bag that takes care of you signed Pony

 A bag that takes care of you by Pony

It's true that shopping is good, and especially thanks to Montreal artist Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, alias Pony, who launched shopping bags that encourage vulnerable people to call Suicide Action Montreal if they need help.

“Having a hard time? Need to talk about it? You are not alone. 1 (866) 277-3553 – Suicide Action Montreal”, can we read on the bright yellow accessory.

And it was not created for commercial purposes. In fact, it's not even for sale.

Rather than self-promoting the bags that customers of her boutique (6534, rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal) take away, she has preferred to promote a cause close to her heart: suicide prevention.

“It was really spontaneous and just with the aim of doing something good,” she confides to Métro.

On Facebook, she explained her approach by sending a message of hope:

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