A beating in a full spinning [VIDEO]

Une raclée en pleine filature [VIDÉO]

12 December 2019 19: 08


A beating in a full spinning [VIDEO]

Une raclée en pleine filature [VIDÉO]

Isabelle Mathieu

The Sun


In the middle of an operation of the mill, police in Quebec see their “topic of interest” being beaten, almost under their nose. How to intervene without undermining the investigation? With a little lie…

Last spring, the investigation division of the police Department of the City of Quebec is to dive into the project Mataf, a word that means sailor, or foam.

The situation is cause for concern: not less than six investigators collect information on the many ” burn and drug that occur on the territory during this period. The “burn” is the term used by police to name the violent invasions of the homes of traffickers by other criminals who are put back on the drugs or money.

In quest of information, the police listen to the 9-1-1 calls to detect, from among complaints of noise in the neighbourhood, which are, in fact, home invasions are not declared.

On 25 April, a team of mill decides to follow Carl Rousseau, known, according to the police, as a debt collector for drug. You want to document the comings and goings of the big guy, measuring approximately 6’3’ and weighing over 250 pounds.

The agents of spinning see Rousseau go in the parking lot of a building housing of Duval street in Limoilou.

Agents-spinners are going to film a part of the action with their cameras. The police don’t know it yet, but it is their lucky day: surveillance cameras installed on an apartment building will capture the events.

A Mercedes car with on board four individuals present. Alexandre Lapointe remains in the car. Francis Barette, Yannick Desjardins and Yann Graveline-L’ecuyer landed and will be talking to Rousseau.

On the images, we see a Rousseau, discouraged by the discussion, which takes the face in her hands. He follows despite all the trio.

A few minutes later, Francis Barette landed a violent punch to the head of Carl Rousseau. The beefy crumbles to the ground. It will remain extended for approximately five minutes.

The three individuals returned to their vehicle and leave the premises.

After their departure, Carl Rousseau manages to get up and staggers up to his car.

A “menterie”

The investigator Fabien Marceau, who was in support of the spinning, coming and going to join Rousseau. He finds that the man has the face bloodied, bruised and barely standing.

“There, I have to say a menterie to keep the mill secret,” says detective sergeant Marceau. I told him that madame had called 9-1-1 to say a man had just finished eating a fly. “

Rousseau nods approval, but immediately adds that he does not want to lodge a complaint in any way. The victim was taken to the hospital by ambulance to receive treatment for fractures to the face.

The spinning will be quickly transported on the Mercedes car, which is set in the direction of the bridges.

For the police officers of the SPVQ, it is clear that the protagonists spawn with the organized crime. Because of this context potentially explosive, the lieutenant-detective Gino Dufour’s SPVQ request the assistance of the emergency response team to intercept the four individuals.

The police begin by slowing down the traffic on the highway to facilitate the operation. The Mercedes will be stopped on highway 20 west, direction Montreal, near Joly.

The four men are calm and cooperate with the police.

While the suspects were brought to the police station to be interviewed, the car is searched. The police found a glove lead and a pistol Glock 9mm with his balls.

Illegal arrest?

The four men are accused of assault with injury. They began to stand their trial this week.

Their lawyers claim that the court’s exclusion of several pieces of evidence, including the contents of the cell phones, because, they say, the arrest was made without cause and the detention was illegal.

No agent of the mill has not seen the punch that had knocked out Carl Rousseau, argue the defense lawyers. The images of the surveillance cameras, which clearly show the aggression, were not available until several hours after the arrest.


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