A Bengal cat wounds two people in the Valin district

Two people from Valin, Canton-Tremblay, were bitten by a Bengal stray cat.

The ‘re citizens are worried about the safety of people, who, like them, would be brought to touch the animal. “The most dangerous thing is that the cat comes to us when we call him and he seems really affectionate,” says Nathalie Auclair.

The first incident took place on March 15 on Alice Street. Noticing the handsome, pure-bred cat that rummaged through her neighbor’s trash, Audrey came forward to meet the feline, who did not seem to be threatening.

“He was rubbing his cheek against my hand and suddenly, he bit me violently. I even had the reflex to protect my face because I was sure he was going to attack me, “recalls Audrey.

When the cat finally let go, he got out of the trash to go see a friend who was with Audrey.

“The pain was excruciating. It was as if I had been stabbed. I also had marks of claws, “thought the woman, who was quick to put his hand in the snow.

Audrey disinfected the four tooth holes left in her skin and scratched them with rubbing alcohol. “I might not have reacted so if it was my house cat that had bitten me, but since it was a cat that was searching in the garbage, I decided to go to the pharmacy”, she continues.
At the pharmacy, it is strongly recommended to go to the emergency room to receive antibiotics. “I take an antibiotic four times a day for seven days,” she says.

Health professionals advise that, no matter where a cat comes from, whether roaming or not, the bacteria in his mouth are just as numerous and can cause serious complications.

The second incident took place on March 20 on Anna Street, still in the Valin district. Nathalie Auclair was outside when she saw the Bengal cat come to meet him and rub on his legs. When she stopped flattering him, the animal attacked him, inflicting wounds on his arm. “I’m 52 years old. I’ve had cats, but I’ve never seen such a dangerous cat in my life, “says Auclair.

The lady was also extremely afraid to blow herself in the face. “I have deep scratches. He could not bite me, but it blew profusely, “she says.

She who has a bird, a cat and a dog is reassured not to have brought it into the house. “We should put a sign on trunk boxes at the entrance of the neighborhood to warn people that this cat is dangerous,” says the resident of Anna Street.

In the coming days, Audrey has agreed to obtain a trap-cage at the refuge in her area to capture the animal. “There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and I worry about their safety. After capturing her, she will confide him to the Chicoutimi Animal Shelter to check if the animal is identified with a microchip to find the owner.

This is not the first time residents of the Valin neighborhood have seen this breed cat wander. “Actually, I think it’s more like a cat. It’s been two years that I see prowling. She often comes to my patio. Two years ago, noticing her big belly and her teats out, I had her come home, thinking she was about to give birth, “said Audrey. Noting the animal’s aggression, the mother of two had decided to give her back her freedom.

Rescapés Hairy

According to the group Rescapés Poilus, which is used to come to the rescue of stray cats in the area, all cats should be kept in the house, in the yard or in an outdoor cat flap. “Cats are no less dangerous than a dog, even if they look more harmless,” says Jackie Alary, who has completed several feline training courses and is a foster family for Rescapés Poilus cats. .

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