A challenge to reduce GHGs among young Montrealers

A challenge to reduce GHG emissions among young Montrealers

The challenge is in progress until March 21.

Montrealers aged 13 to 17 and their families are encouraged to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through their food. Three organizations have come together to offer tips and tricks for making the Défis GEStes a success.

For its first edition, the theme of the Défis GEStes is food. The goal is to choose foods that emit fewer GHGs on a daily basis. A new free app allows participants to select the best meal choices for the environment.

“Our generation has the power to act in their daily lives through simple gestures such as choosing meat that emits less GHGs or trying an entirely vegetarian or vegan dish,” reports one of the young people on the organizing committee, Ophélie Daneau, 16 years old.

The project is overseen by the organizations Coop FA, GUEPE and the Group for Recommendations and Actions for a Better Environment (GRAME). The initiative was also created by 13 young people from the Youth Challenge Committee. The challenge is running until March 21.

We already reach out to hundreds of elementary school students each year. This time, we have the chance to concretely equip a generation that is at the heart of the fight against climate change.

Catherine Houbart, Executive Director of GRAME

Real-time monitoring

The Défi GEStes application will allow participants to find out the total quantity of GHGs that are potentially avoided during the month thanks to PolyCarbone's collaboration.

“Knowing the right proportion of GHG emissions that can being avoided by changing a behavior allows individuals to minimize their efforts while maximizing their positive impact,” reports PolyCarbone's CEO, Karel Luap.

Ms. Luap also indicates that this exercise promotes the transition to action towards more sustainable lifestyle habits. PolyCarbone is also a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage individuals to reduce their carbon footprint.

How to participate?

L he Défis GEStes mobile application can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android. Young people have access to various challenges, tips and tricks. It is also possible to exchange recipes between participants.

The young people who have reduced their GHG emissions the most during the month will have the chance to win several prizes related to eco-responsible values.< /p>

The organizers of the challenge will also meet with youth circles to lead workshops and kiosks. This campaign aims to educate the next generation on topics such as climate change and its impact on biodiversity, the links between GHGs and food and the discovery of protein sources with a low carbon footprint.


This initiative is carried out as part of the City of Montreal's Climate Plan.

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