A directory of LGBTQ2S+ training in Quebec to (finally) educate yourself!

A directory of LGBTQ2S+ training in Quebec to (finally) educate yourself!

Not sure how to go about becoming a good ally to queer people? Do not search anymore! The Conseil québécois LGBT (CQLGBT) is launching the INCLUSION LGBTQ2S+ site, a new platform listing diversity and inclusion training.

The interactive directory lists educational and awareness-raising activities given by more than forty organizations across Quebec, virtually or face-to-face. Like a search engine, the directory allows Internet users to filter their queries according to the desired theme, their profile, their language and even their geographic location.

Just select the training of your choice and click on it to then register on the organization's website.

According to the CQLGBT, the tool makes it possible to publicize the services offered by community associations by making them accessible in a single place.

“Often, organizations that are experts in the issues affecting the most marginalized people are also those that have the fewest means to promote their training activities. LGBTQ2+ INCLUSION values ​​the specialization of organizations, for the benefit of the people who will be trained,” says Marie-Philippe Drouin, who is co-chair of the Divergenres organization.

A directory of LGBTQ2S+ training in Quebec for (finally) get educated!

The home page of the LGBTQ2+ INCLUSION website. PHOTO: Courtesy

In addition, the site is aimed at everyone, regardless of background (businesses, health sector, public bodies, schools, etc.). Even Mr. and Mrs. Everybody are welcome!

Get things done

LGBTQ2+ INCLUSION also aims to compensate for the lack of education and awareness in the provinces regarding the issues of LGBTQ2S+ communities.

According to a recent study by Léger conducted by Fondation Émergence, no less 65% of LGBTQ2S+ people have experienced transphobic or homophobic harassment at work. The lack of education is targeted: only 14% of the population of Quebec has received information or training on sexual diversity in the office.

This also has consequences on company retention rate. No less than 15% of workers who are members of the LGBTQ2S+ community in Quebec have already left a workplace because it was deemed not inclusive enough.

People wishing to visit the directory can go to inclusion-lgbtq2.ca.

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