A dozen Canadian players would like to learn French

A dozen Canadian players would like to learn French

Defender Johnathan Kovacevic.

Between 8 and 10 players from the Montreal Canadiens would like to learn to speak the language of Molière, reports Sportsnet. They would have met a French teacher and a plan should be established according to their respective schedules.

In his tweet published late this morning, sports journalist Eric Engels did not specify which of the 23 players on the team’s roster made the move.< /p>

Players who already have a basic knowledge of the language would have opted for private tutoring lessons. The Canadian would also pay for these courses. Defender Johnathan Kovacevic, who completed four school years in French immersion, reportedly said he found it reallycoolthat the team provided this service.

The current Habs roster has three French speakers, Jonathan Drouin, Samuel Montembeault and David Savard. Having grown up in the West Island of Montreal, Mike Matheson also speaks French very well. Note that defender Justin Barron, who is from Halifax, is also able to speak French. Having also studied in French immersion, he has in the past been able to answer questions in French during media interviews.

For his part, the defender originally from Manitoba Joel Edmundson had indicated, in an interview with the sports media RDS in 2020, having spent nine school years in French immersion, in his youth. He also mentioned that his father's family had French roots and that he wanted to start speaking Molière's language again, even though his French was “a little rusty” at the time.

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