A festive first weekend in Santa Teresa

A first festive weekend at Santa Teresa

Loud performing on Saturday at Santa Teresa.

With Jules Couturier.

Despite warnings of tornadoes, rain and cold for several days of the Santa Teresa festival, the suburb of Sainte-Thérèse vibrated to the sound of a variety of musical styles from local artists, as well as international ones, on the occasion of a first festive weekend.

After a two-year hiatus, the Santa Teresa music festival was back to liven up downtown Sainte-Thérèse, located on the northern crown of Montreal. Festival-goers were more present on Friday, while the following two days enjoyed less popularity. It should be noted that the Métro Métro festival, at the Olympic Park, was held at the same time. 

A Quebec Friday

Quebec music was in the spotlight on the main stage at Santa Teresa Friday night.  

Lydia Képinski had the task of getting the ball rolling before the sun had even gone down and the crowd agglutinated well, and she acquitted herself well of it. She took the opportunity to go for a walk in the VIP Zone and through the crowd while continuing to sing, which had the effect of adding spice to her performance.   

Followed the band Choses Sauvages as night fell. The energy intensified in the crowd under the driving sound of their electro-rock. It's hard not to indulge in a few dance steps. The show ended in a superb explosion of rock'n'roll. 

The highlight of the evening was yet to come. We are obviously talking about the electrifying performance by Hubert Lenoir which closed the festivities this Friday on the main stage.  

The fiery singer-songwriter came to present for the very first time in Quebec, after a tour of the United States and Europe, the songs from his latest album PICTURA DE IPSE: musiquedirect. “Tonight is my first concert in Quebec since the fucking pandemic! Let me just tell you one thing: I'm back baby! he shouted to his delirious fans.  

The musician seemed very happy to be back on stage in his native land. His happiness was palpable. And he delivered the goods. We were treated to a punk show, crazy, chaotic at will, filled with mosh pit, stage diving, screams, microphones swinging at arm's length, guitar smashed on the floor. The whole thing was filmed by two VHS cameras and broadcast directly on the screen behind the singer and his many musicians, creating a particularly successful effect, in the punk perspective of the show.  

When at 11 p.m., the sound was cut off, Hubert, his gang and the many festival-goers were far from happy. Everyone wanted more. So it was a cappella, in a moment of improvised and quite magical closeness, that everyone together, musicians and audience together, sang the pieceRecommencer, thus ending beautifully the evening on the main stage of Santa Teresa.  

A first festive weekend in Santa Teresa

Hubert Lenoir/Courtesy/Facebook Festival Santa Teresa

A Saturday evening of eclectic rap

Saturday was spent under the sign of hip-hop while it was Slightly interrupted by bad weather and a threat of tornado, which put an end to SLM's show. Eclectic rap styles still paraded on the main stage on this second full day of Santa Teresa 2022.

Up-and-coming rapper Skiifall rapped to a small crowd around 7 p.m. If his music has managed to cross the Atlantic and charm England, in Sainte-Thérèse, it is obviously still very little known. We would have liked to see it in more exciting conditions.  

The energy went up a notch when a van Guru made its way into the middle of the floor and the guys from Alaclair Ensemble climbed onto its roof to deliver a surprise performance. They repeated the stuntthat they had created during the 2019 edition of the festival. After their show had to be canceled, they then put on an impromptu show on the roof of their van, creating one of the craziest and most memorable moments of the festival. Eman, KNLO and Claude Bégin then went to join their DJ Vlooper on the stage to continue this short, but appreciable show.  

A last-minute addition to the lineup, announced the day before, rapper Loud took to the main stage around 8:30 p.m. to replace rapper Pressa, making more people happy than unhappy.

Loud was thus able to offer his very first concert since the release of his most recent album No promise, released on Friday. With a lot of energy, now accompanied by a drummer in addition to his faithful DJ Ajust, he performed 6 of the 10 tracks on this album while also drawing on the repertoire of his previous albums. His lifelong sidekick, Lary Kidd, also joined him on stage for a few tracks.  

The evening on the main stage ended with rapper Princess Nokia who did not disappointed the mostly female audience at 10 p.m. Alongside two talented dancers, she performed choreographies while singing several of her hits.

The singer did not fail to address the crowd a few times. If the latter clapped when Princess Nokia called out to a man in the front row who seemed, according to her, to make a woman “uncomfortable”, she rather remained silent when the singer told them about a Canadian television series& #8230; that no one seemed to know about. 

A video shared on social media on Sunday also shows the artist berating white rapper White Migz at the Santa Teresa festival for saying the “N word”. After which, the man made a point of apologizing on his page Instagram. “I only have good intentions and I will roll my tongue before I say anything to anyone next time,” he wrote in a post on Sunday afternoon.

< p>A first ;st festive weekend at Santa Teresa

Princess Nokia/Courtesy/Facebook Festival Santa Teresa

 A Rock n Sunday’ relax

Like the thermometer, the audience on the main stage went down a notch on Sunday, for the last day of the Santa Teresa festival. Some preferred to take refuge in the warmth of bars in the neighborhood where free shows were presented.

After, in particular, performances by rock bands Corridor and Plants and Animals, it’s Jimmy Eat World which closed the weekend of festivities. The interpreters of “The Middle” managed to move the public one last time despite the cold.

We also learned that it’s the emerging group Sylvie who won the champion clip competition. He therefore deserves a sirius XM scholarship worth $5,000.

A first festive weekend at Santa Teresa

Jimmy Eat World/Courtesy/Facebook Festival Santa Teresa

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