A fifth edition, revised and expanded

Une cinquième édition revue et augmentée

It has been three years since the previous edition of the festival Espace [IM] Media (EIM) has taken place. The event of digital art, which was taking place previously every two years, in the month of September, has revised its schedule and is now taking a formula triennial.

The wait will be worth it. The rendez-vous art organized by the art Centre Sporobole this year offers a sturdy fifth edition.

Not only will there be exhibitions in various cultural venues in Sherbrooke (Foreman art Gallery, MBAS, Granada Theater, etc), but new partnerships with the municipalities, the devices will allow the event to go out of the city limits. A first.

“Four new collaborations satellites give the Festival the opportunity to deploy in other places of the region, and over a long period of time, i.e. from June to December. This is outstanding. Never before have we had so many partnerships and we never went as far into the territory, ” says artistic and general director of Sporobole Eric Desmarais, who built the programming in concert with the commissioner Nathalie Bachand.

Compton, Lac-Megantic, Valcourt and Saint-Camille are the four new regional hubs, with which the EIM associates.

“We are inviting artists to create works in situ, in phase with the landscape, community or organization that welcomes them during a residence of several weeks. At the ASTROlab of Mont-Mégantic, for example, will be from 23 July to Mont-Mégantic to the exoplanets, a film that has made the artist Jean-Pierre Aubé for a one year residence at the Observatory, ” says Mr. Desmarais.

Under supervision

The fortnight of events, exhibitions and performances are on the menu of this new version bring together artists here, as elsewhere, and align to the general theme of surveillance.

“This is a topic in the air of time, which allows us to address the issues of the current art in a digital context. It is a rich subject, which raises several ethical issues, which provokes thoughts. You can dig in different ways in a festival like ours, which is dedicated to the artistic practices of digital, audio and visual criticizing, reconstructing or revisiting the concept of the digital and its tools, ” says Mr. Desmarais.

The transmission of information at a time of hyper connection to the internet, the ubiquity of surveillance cameras, the data shared on the online shopping sites, targeted ads based on web pages visited, listen to streaming through our cell and all devices technobranchouillés that we bought for the house : the surveillance has many faces and is seeping into our daily lives so often banal. It does not make it innocuous so far. We will have multiple opportunities to reflect on the issue by visiting one or other of the events offered by the festival, the triennial, which opens Thursday with the opening of the first of its kind in north america. After filming for seven years in Europe, the exposure of The astronauts of the reason have populated the night sky as it crosses the Atlantic for the first time and settles for the summer at the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke, with which the EIM is working.

Designed by the artist Véronique Béland, Québec established in France for the past ten years, the original exhibition mary poetry and media art. The central installation of the exhibition, THIS IS MAJOR TOM TO GROUND CONTROL (yes, it is a nod to Bowie) that it has devised in the course of his training at the Studio national des arts contemporains le Fresnoy, captures the waves of the cosmos and transforms them into words. In front of our eyes. In real-time.

It pique your curiosity? We come back to it in detail in The Mag of Saturday, so that will be published a long interview with Véronique Béland. You will also speak of the other summer exhibition unfolds to the MBAS, and that is devoted to the artist and signatory of the refus global Marcel Barbeau. The opening of the two exhibitions was held on Thursday, at 18 h in the presence of Véronique Béland and Ninon Gauthier, who was the wife of Marcel Barbeau for 47 years.

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