A first 100% Quebec oat “milk”

A first «milk” ;100% Quebecois oats

Oatbox's oat drink will be the first drink of its kind to be made entirely in Quebec.

Known for its granola, oatmeal and granola bars, Montreal brand Oatbox is about to launch the first 100% local oat drink. It will be on grocery store shelves starting in March.

Since its creation in 2014, the Quebec company Oatbox specializes, as its name suggests, in the manufacture of organic and vegan oat products. Thanks to an investment of more than $7 million from Desjardins Group, the Government of Quebec and Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED), it is preparing to further diversify its offer by building the first manufacturing plant oat staple from across eastern Canada.

The oatmeal base, “what is it for?” you say. Well, it's simply the base ingredient in most oatmeal drink recipes. This base can also be used to make ice cream, yogurt and other vegetable drinks.

In addition to producing and marketing its own oat “milk”, which will be the first 100% Quebec drink of its kind, Oatbox also plans to sell its oat base to other companies in the food.

“This funding is strong support for our business plan and will allow us to have excess production capacity to sell oat base to other food processors in the region. eastern Canada or the northeastern United States”, underlines the co-founder and president of Oatbox, Marc-Antoine Bovet, in a press release.

A win-win strategy, according to Mr. Bovet, who believes that quality oat bases are scarce on the market. “Both food processors and consumers will benefit from a fresher product, since it is processed locally and transported over shorter distances,” he adds.

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