A first windshield washer station in Quebec City

Québec motorists will have their first “windshield washer station” located on Hamel Boulevard, near the Henri IV highway.

The windshield washer station was installed at the new Esso at 5105 Hamel Boulevard. Born from a Quebec initiative, the concept aims to encourage the reuse or even the elimination of plastic cans.

In the region, only the Arseneault Dépanneur in Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury had such a station so far, which allows motorists to fill their windshields or their tanks with a pump. to pay per milliliter.

According to stationlaveglace.ca, no less than 22 million cans of windshield washer are used each year in Quebec. “By paying per milliliter, you buy only the amount of windshield washer you need, not a drop more, and you do not need to clutter with a half-empty can,” argue the site.

Elsewhere in Quebec, some 20 windshield washer stations are already in operation, notably in Sainte-Marie and Notre-Dame-des-Pins, in Beauce, Trois-Rivières, Victoriaville, Drummondville and Montreal (the list full locations are available on ice stationlave.ca).

The Esso dealer on Hamel Boulevard was also chosen as Quebec’s first hydrogen charging station for a $ 5 million pilot project. Supported by Transition energetique Québec, the project aims to supply a first fleet of some fifty Toyota vehicles.

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