A forum to hear young people

A forum to hear young people

At a time when research shows that young people are not doing well, Sherbrooke youth will have the opportunity to be heard.

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Isabelle Pion La Tribune At a time when research shows that young people are not doing well, the youth of Sherbrooke will have the opportunity to make themselves heard.

A vast consultation is launched with adolescents and adults, aged 15 to 29, as part of a first youth forum.

Following the exercise that will be conducted online from November 2 to December 12, an analysis will be carried out and a report will be published this spring, indicates Pascal Cloutier, service coordinator at the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi de Sherbrooke and member of the coordinating committee. of the Sherbrooke youth table. The table brings together some forty organizations.

The members of the table had worked on a 2019-2020 action plan and one of the objectives was to organize an event in May 2020.

“A forum, in the current context, is very uncertain. We decided to go ahead and do the consultation anyway, especially in the current context where young people are not necessarily doing well. We want to hear them and that they can express themselves … “

The Tribune unveiled, Tuesday morning, the preliminary results of a study conducted by two professors from the University of Sherbrooke, Catherine Laurier and Katherine Pascuzzo, showing that young people have a high level of distress, around 60%.

The artisans of the forum throw only one question: “If you could change something in your community, what would it be?” “

“The goal is to say: we're going in all directions. We want to hear them on all subjects, ”explains Pascal Cloutier.

They can choose the medium of their choice (a short one-minute video, a writing, an art project or a photo with a description, a song, etc.). “We had to find the way to do it, the medium with which they were good. “

Various organizations, such as the CIUSSS de l'Estrie-CHUS and the Center de services scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke (CSSRS), are very interested in hearing what will emerge, notes Mr. Cloutier.

“It will probably influence the action plans they will put in place for young people. With everything that is happening, it is clear that there will be a major impact on future action plans in terms of all the services offered to young people. Yes, we can talk as adults about how we see youth, we work with them. But what do they have to say? Ideally, we would like these young people to be the bearers, the standard bearers of what will emerge from this consultation. “

The document produced at the end of the analysis could take the form of a balance sheet or a manifesto, notes Mr. Cloutier.

“The goal is that in the spring of 2021, there will be a public release. What order, we do not yet know. We want to say: this is what the young people told us and collectively, what do we do with it? “

All participants need to do is go to the sante-mentale-jeunesse.usherbrooke.ca/forum-jeunesse-sherbrooke site. They could win a gift card at a local business.

A very busy environment

At the moment, according to Mr. Cloutier, the youth community is in great demand by researchers.

“We had a swarm of requests to participate in research. Between May and July, I had two to three requests per week. It ranged from the use of social media to reading among young people, physical activity, mental health. “

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