A “Free the breasts” demonstration in the heart of Montreal

A “Free the breasts” demonstration in the heart of Montreal

A topless demonstration is planned in Montreal.

The fact that a woman is topless in a public place has been the talk of the town since the public release of Éloÿse Paquet Poisson last week. The young woman denounced having been arrested by the police for having had her breasts exposed in a park in Quebec. A huge outpouring of support ensued, to the point where a “Free the Breasts” protest is now being held in Montreal.

The protest where participants are invited to bare their breasts will be held on June 19 in Mount Royal Park.

To encourage movement

« Because gender equality is far from being achieved. Because it bothers when we take control of our body. Because a single woman can be accosted by five police officers to do the same thing as fifty men around her… RELEASE THE BREASTS! ”, can be read on the Facebook page of the event.

This will therefore be an opportunity for those who support the movement to be heard.

 More concretely, we chill to the bare-breasted drums (or not, you can come and support us, even if you're embarrassed). People of all genders welcome. If you feel like it, we suggest you bring a feminist sign (and snacks!) #Freethetitties ”, continues the organizer Alice Lacroix on Facebook.

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