“A guy, a girl”: a funny 1st trailer

&laquo ;A guy, a girl»: a funny 1st trailer

That's it, those nostalgic for A guy, a girl can see what the air the new version of this cult series starring Guy A. Lepage and Sylvie Léonard. A new trailer was unveiled on Thursday.

The fans will not be too unsettled, since apart from having aged – Guy and Sylvie are now in their sixties – the couple hasn't changed too much and neither has the series. The signature tune has remained the same, Sylvie is constantly burdened with existential questions and Guy's acting hasn't really improved (it's a joke Guy, no need to write a tweet, you're a great actor) .

In the 'eighth season ” of this series which ended in 2023, the couple wishes to return to town now that “the children are raised, the suburban house is for sale”, can we read in the synopsis published on the ICI Tou platform. TV. Will they be able to get back to their old life “when Guy and Sylvie were just a guy and a girl”?

To find out the answer to this question, see you from March 9 next on ICI Tou.tv's Extra.

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