A historic request for food aid in Quebec

A historic request for food aid in Quebec

The Food Banks of Quebec (BAQ) report a historic demand for food aid in the province. Over a period of one month in 2022, 62% of organizations claim to have run out of food, which forced them to buy food to supplement their provisions. They say they face a unique pressure, caused by inflation and the shortage of labor and volunteers.

“We have said it often since the arrival of the pandemic, the food aid organizations play a key role in tightening the meshes of our collective social safety net. This is all the more true with the current inflation, which makes many Quebecers vulnerable. That’s why we are happy to count on committed partners such as the SAQ, its employees and its customers who provide us with invaluable support, regardless of the nature of their contribution,” said the General Manager of Food Banks Québec, Martin Munger.

It’s in this context that customers of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) are invited to show solidarity and generosity as Easter approaches. They will be able to contribute to the BAQ by making monetary donations in store or online, or even by buying a Quebec product, which will be equivalent to the delivery of a meal during the Easter weekend.

This call for generosity comes as Quebec is still recovering from the ice storm that left more than one million people without power. Around 11 a.m. Friday, Hydro-Quebec claimed to have restored power to 40% of homes affected by the outages.

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