A leap forward for Quebec gastronomy

A leap forward forward for Quebec gastronomy

Great (and good!) is being prepared in the gastronomy industry in Quebec. For the first time in the history of local cuisine, chefs and restaurateurs will come together around common issues in an organized way. Today they are launching the collective La Table ronde, with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

Thirty-five recognized restaurateurs are unveiling this morning this project to promote the growth and influence of Quebec gastronomy. The organization could eventually have up to 140 members.

The goal is to share best practices and encourage sustained collaboration with local artisans. The collective will work hand in hand with restaurants and artisans of niche products.

“Gastronomy in Quebec is the result of the hard work of chefs, restaurateurs and producers who have taken it upon themselves to develop and promote culinary culture locally and around the world. Going further requires that we organize ourselves, to join forces and consolidate our know-how. This is what the La Table Ronde collective that we are launching today will allow”, declared Normand Laprise, chef and co-owner of the restaurant Toqué! and one of the initiators of the collective, with his spouse, Sophie Dormeau, and Charles-Antoine Crête, chef and co-owner of the Montreal Plaza restaurant.

A boost to launch well

The Government of Quebec is offering start-up financial assistance of $990,000.

“Through this assistance, the government recognizes the importance of gastronomy in Quebec as a vector of our collective identity and as a driver of development. social and economic”, can we read in the press release announcing the project.

More specifically, this grant will make it possible to launch the collective's first two initiatives, i.e. a concept of network of restaurateurs which will aim at the consolidation, then the growth of the sector, throughout Quebec, then a project aimed at accelerating the development of niche products. in Quebec.

“The Quebec gastronomy sector is overflowing with potential, projects, innovation and creativity. The craftsmen are committed, the customers are curious, the territory is rich. The gastronomy sector also faces significant challenges. The financial contribution of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation confirms and propels our collective project. We will rely on solutions to advance gastronomy and everything that revolves around it,” concluded Vanya Filipovic, co-owner of Vin Mon Lapin, owner of the Vins Dame-Jeanne agency, and chair of the collective’s board of directors. /p>

The first 35 members of the Round Table are:

• Julien Masia, ARVI

• Mélanie Blanchette, Bouillon Bilk/Place Carmin/Cadet

• Martin Picard, Cabane du Pied de Cochon/the Pig's Foot/the cabin next door

• Mireille Perron and Jean-Sébastien Sicard, Chez Mathilde

• Colombe St-Pierre, Chez St-Pierre

• Olivier de Montigny, the Chronicle

• Stéphane Modat, the Clan

• Hubert Marsolais, the Hunting and Fishing Club/the Net/the Serpent

• Perle Morency, East Side

• Ivan Abbas , Damas/Folfol

• Émile Tremblay, Faux Bergers/La Louve nice bar

• Claudia Ferreira, Groupe Ferreira

• Dyan Solomon, Foxy/Olive &amp ; Gourmet/Un Po’ Di Piu

• Graziella Battista, Graziella/Espace 116/Mercato Comunale

• Jason Stafford, the Hatley

• Helena Loureiro, Helena/Portus 360, Helena Québec

• Marc-André Jetté, Hoogan and Beaufort/Édouard et Léo/Marc-André le Traiteur

• Frédéric Morin, Joe beef/Liverpool House, Vin Papillon/McKiernan

• Junichi Ikematsu, Juni

• Sophie Allaire, La Belle Histoire

• Daniel Vézina, Laurie Raphaël

• Fanny Ducharme, L’Épicurieux

• Mario Brossoit, L'Express

• Richard Bastien, the Mitoyen

• Jérémie Bastien, Monarque

• Charles-Antoine Crête, Montreal Plaza/Foodchain

• Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, Mousso

• Ryan Gray, Nora Gray/Elena/Gia Vin & Grill 4

• Véronique Rivest, THIRST

• Jean-Luc Boulay, Saint-Amour

• Stephen Leslie, Taverne Monkland/Tavern on the Square< /p>

• Normand Laprise, Toqué!/le Beau Mont/Brasserie T

• Dominique Truchon, Truchon

• Vanya Filipovic, Vin Mon Lapin

< p>• Surprise honorary member!

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