A Montreal hot sauce on the famous show “Hot Ones”

A Montreal hot sauce on the famous TV show «Hot Ones

The news is hot, just like the product it is associated with. The Montreal company La Pimenterie, which markets artisanal hot sauces, finds itself propelled to the forefront of the spicy sauce scene, while its concoction the Curry Verde has been adopted by the Hot Ones team.

The famous American show, broadcast on YouTube, welcomes stars from all walks of life to its set. The concept? The latter must answer questions, while tasting increasingly spicy chicken wings.

The channel hosting the show, First We Feast, has nearly 12 million subscribers. Big screen names like actress Julia Louis Dreyfus came to test their tolerance to hot products.

Before being selected, La Pimenterie sent free samples for several years in order to present its creations on the show.

“We received the decisive email. a few months ago, says the creator of the company Julien Frechette, in an interview with CTV News. He said (the email), ‘Hey Julien we would like to discuss this Curry Verde sauce”.

“It’s like winning a Grammy”

The preparation that gave La Pimenterie access to the show is a Thai-inspired green curry sauce. Only Hot Ones, which now has exclusivity, can sell Curry Verde. Julien Francette, who launched his business in 2016, is now facing increased production demand.

“In terms of recognition, it’s like winning a Grammy or an Emmy“, confides the one who says he is looking forward to the next episodes of the show.

“Every week, we are very excited to see who is going to be on the show and taste the hot sauce we have produced here. It’s like a dream come true,’said Julien Frechette, interviewed by CTV News.

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