A new dating app for astrology fans

A new app dating app for astrology fans

This is an app that will appeal to singles who love astrology

You are the type to ask your suitor for his astrological sign on the first date ? Not needed anymore! A new Quebec dating app takes care of it for you. Belovy offers a highly personalized dating experience based on “astrological attraction”. It’s written in the sky, it will work!

“Designed in Quebec, Belovy is the first dating app that uses NASA's ephemerides to accurately determine astrological attraction and offer matches based on levels and types of attraction,” we are told in a press release.

Based on success stories

To proceed, the application first makes a detailed analysis of the successful love lives of legendary couples like Barack and Michelle Obama, John Lennon and Yoko Ono or Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, and the alignment of the stars at the time of their birth. .

Then, from your date of birth alone, the Belovy algorithm will compare millions of combinations to identify dates of birth that can reproduce the astrological alignments of these famous couples.< /p>

matches for everyone

Then, once the matchescarried out, the application will offer you profiles according to three levels of attraction and four types of relationship. There is the possibility of having a normal, strong or very strong attraction for relationships that can be passionate, physical, intellectual or fusional.

Don't be surprised to get less matches than on Tinder: “Belovy was designed for better conversations with fewer people and to give everyone a fair chance,” says Jean-Marc Larouche, founder and CEO of Belovy. So, no more superficial swipes based on physical appearance.

In any case, whether you are keen on astrology or just looking for a topic to launch conversation with your next date, Belovy can definitely be an option to try. The dating app will gradually enter the market in 2023. It is available now for free in the Montreal area via the App Store or Google Play.

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