A new festive and luminous event in Saint-Michel

A new festive and bright event in Saint-Michel

A new completely free event organized by TOHU is taking place from June 16 to 18 in the Saint-Michel district. On the menu of the Lumières de Saint-Michel: circus, concerts, DJs and a great night parade, which promises to be the highlight of these three festive days.

Residents of the neighborhood who will have created their own lantern will be the stars of this illuminated parade, scheduled for the evening of June 17. Their lanterns will have been designed beforehand in workshops led by a facilitator who will make sure to help them make them from different models designed by professional artists. These workshops are organized by TOHU until June 11.

The participants of the parade will be accompanied by circus artists and musicians, but also by luminous elements larger sizes designed by a professional team.

From the starting point, at the corner of rue de Louvain and 9e avenue, the parade, which will begin at sunset, will head towards the TOHU public square, notably passing through Frédéric-Back Park. The route will be 2.4 kilometers for a duration of approximately 60 minutes.

The procession will be observable by spectators from different points along the route, animated by artists with luminous accessories.


On TOHU's public square, the public will be able to enjoy free musical performances and entertainment of all kinds.

It all starts on June 16, a Friday evening, with shows by Stéphanie Osorio, Scott Pien-Picard and Ramon Chicharron, then a DJ set by Julie Delorme. The next day, the square will be filled with circus entertainment before giving way to shows and DJ sets by Bel & Quinn, Waalhi and DJ Josiane Proteau who will set the mood before the arrival of the famous parade.

Sunday will be more focused on family activities for the little ones.

“This new event perfectly embodies the spirit of collaboration and celebration that inhabits the neighborhood. We have the ambition to create an unmissable annual event to highlight the richness and diversity of Saint-Michel, both literally and figuratively,” says Stéphane Lavoie, General and Programming Director of TOHU.

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