A new heat record reached in Montreal

A new record heat reached in Montreal

A new heat record was recorded in the metropolis during the day on Saturday, when the mercury reached 24.3°C.

The previous record, for April 15, dates back to 1969 when the temperature rose to 23.3°C. Another record could also be broken on Sunday. Indeed, the sun continues to shine on the city this weekend.

Thursday, April 13 already, a record of 78 years had been exceeded in Montreal, according to figures from Environment Canada. The thermometer read 27.5°C at the end of the afternoon, almost a degree higher than the previous record of 26.7°C dating from April 13, 1945.

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However, the early spring heat wave experienced by Montrealers is fading and warmer temperatures fresh – seasonal – should re-settle in the next few days.

The coming week will be cloudy and sometimes rainy for the metropolis, with the exception of Thursday when the sun should make an appearance. Temperatures will drop and will be around 10°C during the day and between 1 and 6°C at night.

A new heat record reached in Montreal

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