A new Montreal restaurant offers an annual salary of $80,000

New Montreal restaurant offers annual salary of $80,000

Sushi By Scratch restaurant offers its employees an annual base salary of $80,000.

The Sushi By Scratch chain, which opens its first Montreal restaurant in the Old Port on Friday, is offering its employees $80,000 in annual base salary, CTV News has learned. The new sushi restaurant also offers its workers sick leave, meal discounts and vacations, in addition to supporting them if they wish to continue their studies. All this with a view to reinventing the restaurant industry.

This is what co-owner Phillip Frankland Lee argues, who says his employees are professionals and should be paid as such, beyond tips. This approach is also influenced by the significant impact that the pandemic has had on the hotel and restaurant industry, which has made it more difficult to retain staff, in addition to significantly increasing the price of food and cause a labor shortage.

“If you work in a bank or if you are a lawyer, you will get an amount of money that you know is enough to support yourself. We want our employees to work hard and to have access to the same benefits offered in other professions,” said Mr. Lee in an interview with CTV News.

Montreal's Sushi By Scratch is becoming the chain's first restaurant on Canadian soil. Located on Saint-Paul Street, it offers a $230 tasting menu and requires a final, non-refundable deposit of $25 from each customer.

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